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Zuzana Light Part II

Zuzana Light aka Zuzana “Zuzka” Light aka Zuzana Majorová aka Suzana Spears (Czech model-ex porn star) aka BodyRock.TV sensation and co-founder is back!  She is back with her new workout videos called ZWOD (Zuzana’s workout of the day) and ZWOW (Zuzana’s workout of the week) .

Zuzana Light is 5’8″ tall.  She was born Zuzana Majorova on April 29, 1982 in Prague, Czechoslovakia.

Where Is Zuzana Light Now?

Last year, Zuzana and her husband separated.  After the separation, new hosts started showing up on the BodyRock.TV scene, which was a real disappointment.  For me the BodyRock experience wasn’t quite the same.  Zuzana is just one of those people who is extremely captivating to watch and seems to connect with people on an emotional level.

Many of Zuzana’s followers, were not always in the best of shape.  They would get on various diets and try all sorts of workout programs, but never could get on a consistent exercise regimen or nutritional program.  That all changed once they got hooked on Zuzka and her amazing workouts.

Zuzana inspires people to get off the couch and start moving.  Most of the workout videos she does are between 10-20 minutes.  They are intense and really challenge you.

It has been with great pleasure to know she is back now doing workout videos that people can move to.  She initially called here new workouts ZWOD (Zuzana’s workout of the day), but has changed the name to ZWOW (Zuzana’s workout of the week).

I have heard that Zuzka will soon have her own website.  I am sure it will be as she says “Amazing”.

If you’re looking for some crazy good inspiration you will not want to miss checking out Zuzana Light and her super motivational and inspirational programs.

Zuzana Light Exercise Equipment

Some of the exercise equipment Zuzana uses include:

  • Ugi Ball – I personally use 3 different medicine balls, which include the Dynamax, Rage and Ugi medicine balls.  I have written several articles on each of these and plus an overall review.
  • Jump Rope – I really like the Cyclone Speed Rope, made in Austin.
  • SandBag – My 2 personal favorites are the Ultimate Sandbag and the Brute Force Sandbag.  Either is a great option.  I would purchase the smallest bag they have.  I am 5′ 9″ and those work perfectly for me.  I also feel you don’t need the larger sandbags, since most of the exercises are using high repetition rather than max weight.
  • Dip Station – BodyRock introduced me to both Lebert Equalizer and the Ultimate Body Press.  Both are great at home muscle building platforms.
  • Interval Timer – The Gymboss is a great interval timer for most exercisers.

Connect With Zuzana Light

Zuzana Light Facebook Zuzana Light (https://www.facebook.com/ZuzkaLight)
Youtube ZuzkaLight

Check out Zuzana’s Latest videos

Zuzana Light – ZWOW #26  This Is SWEAT
Zuzana Light – ZWOW #25 Butt Push!

Here is the first of Zuzana’s ZWOD workouts – #1 1-20-2012 (PART I)

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