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Yoga In Austria

austriaYoga and Yodeling: My Yoga Adventure Story

If you want the long story; continue reading. If you want the short story: I’m going to Austria for one month for a Yoga Teacher Training program and I’ll be posting some pictures to keep you updated on my adventure; so stay tuned and check in regularly.

Should I practice yodeling now before I go? Or should I just wing it when I get there?  Count Down… In 3 weeks I will be in this lovely country… Austria.

I’ll be for an entire month!  I’m heading out on my own and will meet up with 19 international strangers and we’ll meet in the middle of Austria, Bat Mitterndorf to be exact, for a one month yoga teacher training program with Tribe Yoga.  Nervous, excited, grateful… This will be my first time over to Europe.

someday“Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday….. There is no Someday.  Whatever your “Somedays” are, start taking steps to turn it into a real day during the week.”

For the last fifteen years, I’ve considered signing up for a yoga training program, but always shrugged it off for ‘oh some day’…. well that “oh some day” is approaching and very real. It started off as a small writing contest with Tribe Yoga that I almost did not participate in, but there was a little something that nudged me along and told me to just do it…. glad I listened and grateful for all the people who support(ed) me along the way!

If there is something in your mind and heart that you have dreamed of doing all your life, but you pushed it to the back of your mind for various reasons… ‘not feeling good enough’ ‘can’t afford it’ ‘too much stuff on your plate’ ‘not enough time’ “too out of reach and not feeling like you deserve or are worth it”… Just Try. Put in a little effort and Quality effort. It can go a LONG way. Surprise yourself so big that you turn this little effort but Quality effort into a daily ritual and let these efforts take you to the experiences you have always dreamed of and ones that you didn’t even consider before.

austria My mom mailed me this vintage 1958 book about Austria in celebration of this upcoming adventure.  It even smells like an aged book.  Even though we’re in the modern age, I feel as if this Austrian adventure in the valley will take me back to a time before high pace technology.  I’m looking forward to slowing down.  I do however hope to keep everyone updated on the scenery that washes over me!

How was I so fortunate as to get this opportunity to travel to Austria for a month long yoga training?

I dabbled in the idea of a yoga training course and others heard me.  My husband suggested I reach out to other teachers and that teacher suggested Tribe Yoga.  Being an international yoga school, I was in awe of the fantasy of going abroad for a month to get certified.  BUT… I crossed it off my day dream list because I wanted to stay local and didn’t fathom going away without Tom.  We were just newly married.

Within one week I had heard that Tribe Yoga was having a Writing Contest and the top three winners would have their stories published and they would win an all inclusive yoga teacher training.

I didn’t think much about winning a teacher training.  I felt like that would never happen.  I was mostly intrigued by the writing contest.  I had a “yoga” like story in mind and had been wanting to write it up for some time and THIS felt like the right time to do so.  Here’s the link to that story.  Well, not even a month went by and I was told that the contest was canceled due to low submissions.  Glad I finished the story, but bummed to have that bubble burst.  I let it go along with the pursuit of a yoga training.  I filled my plate with other day dreams.  Nearly 6 months later I got an email informing me that the contest was back on. Resubmit…. I almost did not, because I just didn’t think I had time, and my enthusiasm for the writing contest had nearly fizzled.

After a couple of days of my fizzled chatty mind, I decided to listen to the little nudge inside that said, “just do it! You’ve already come this far.”  With a simple click of the computer keys, my story went out again.  I let it go.

yodelingMonths later, I read an email that I’d never had the honor of reading before.  It may as well have said, “The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music!” but really it said,  “If you are reading this, it means you have won our writing contest! Congratulation and we’re looking forward to having you join us in a yoga teacher training!”  I had to read it several times and even email it to my husband to be sure that I was reading it correctly.

Oh my God! I’ll be gone for a month! I can’t do that!  It’s too long.  It’s too far away.  It still costs money to get over there.  All sorts of thoughts tried to deny me this opportunity.  But with the encouragement of some friends and the support from Tom and my wiser inner voice, I accepted this reward.

What I’m Learning Thus Far From this Adventure:


  • Enter and Participate in Contests that Inspire you (even if the reward is not your main goal… the process might be what’s really important)
  • Be open to the outcomes.
  • Trust that your daydreams can be made real.
  • Be bold and courageous to REACH out beyond what you think is within your reach.
  • Put forth Quality effort everyday even if it’s just a little.
  • Share the joy and experience.

Stay tuned and please check back on my updates and photos of my Austrian Yoga Adventure!!!  I hope to make it over to Germany too for an afternoon and have a good German beer even though there will be plenty of that on the Austrian side 🙂

~ Kathleen








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