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Wonkyboard Balance Board

Wonkyboard Balance Board – Just Get Wonky With It

The Wonkyboard Balance Board hails from Germany and from the surfing mecca of Australia.   At first glace the Wonkyboard looks similar to an Indo Board, but don’t be fooled.  Each Wonky Balance Board contains a dual wooden rail system that their roller glides along.  The rail system combined with the roller give the Wonkyboard a really smooth but radical ride.  At the end of each rail is a stopper board that prevents the roller from rolling any further.  Boarders can roll back and forth on the roller in the traditional sense or if wanting a challenge, can tip the board to either side and carve an edge.  Of course the wooden roller also allows for moves like spinning and one leg balance drills.

Wonkyboard has designed 3 distinctive board setups know as theWonkyboard Balance Board ReviewAllaround“, “Rider” & “Fun“.  Each board is designed slightly different to give the rider a unique feel.  The “Allaround“, as it’s namesake suggests is a little more than 30 inches by 15 inches.  This is Wonkyboard’s ideal short board and trick board and designed for the experienced boarder.  The “Rider” was designed for the longboard and snowboard crowd.  It is much longer, measuring over 3 feet long (a little more than 39 inches x 13 inches).  When riding this board, the roller has much more travel room underneath, allowing for a longer ride.  Balancing on this board tends to require a lot more soft balancing skill to compensate for roller traveling further.  Wonkyboard’s “Fun” is a mix design, borrowing the width of the Rider and the length of the Allaround.  It’s designed for the inexperienced user who will quickly learn to master skills needed for balancing.

Wonkyboard recently released another board called the “Girls Edition“.  It is basically the “Rider” with bright pink grip tape applied.   They may also have another board in the works that looks to have more of a skateboard feel, with risers on each side.

Here is a recently released video showing some of the exercises you can perform on a Wonkyboard while balancing.

Here is a great video that showcases various balancing drills and tricks that can be performed.

Below we have included a great writeup that was given to us by Wonkyboard on the benefits of Balance Training and what it can do for you.

Wonkyboard Balance Board Review - KathleenBalance Training
Intensive balance training can clearly decrease the frequency of ligament ruptures and muscle injuries in almost all types of sports. Additionally, the precision of motion sequences increases. A perfectly balanced body knows where and how it feels.  Several studies have shown that regular balance training does not only appear to be  preventive – through the sharpening and sensitization of muscles, sinews, and  ligaments -, but also seems to be able to heal since it loosens and activates tense muscles, stabilizes hinges, and antagonizes pain in the back.

The Balance
The skill to keep balance in various situations while simultaneously perform various actions is a special challenge for the active motion system. The information that the body is about to lose balance is given to the humans not only through the vestibular system in the inner ear, but also through the eyes via receptors (sensors) in the skin, in the hinges area, in muscles and sinews (proprioceptors).

Surfing requires three different types of balance: dynamic balance which is the balance in motion, Wonkyboard Balance Board Review - Tomstanding on a board. (surfboard, skateboard…).
Proactive (anticipatory) balance means forecasting the shape of the wave and preparing your  next move. Temporary balance is required for precise
and homogenous movements ( the flow).

Through its unique functioning – the Wonkyboard can tilt to the sides and change its direction through stressing the edges – and due to its variety of surf-specific training possibilities, the Wonkyboard is able to fulfill all requirements of those three types of balance.


  • Each board is made from wood, with grip tape on the top
  • Currently there are 3 board variations including the “Allaround”, “Rider” and “Fun”.  The “Girls Edition” is the Rider in hot pink.
  • The boards retail for $122 + shipping for the shorter boards and $145 + shipping for the longer “Allaround” board.
  • The wooden roller is 12cm in diameter with smaller ends used for tricks and carving.

The folks at Wonkyboard are a great resource if you have questions about using a balance board in training and will take the time to help you out.

Each board they offer definitely has a unique feel to them.  The longer “Rider” board takes up a larger footprint, so it may not be the best to use indoors if space is limited.  If you are looking for a great all around board, the “Allaround” as it’s name suggests is perfect.  Since we didn’t have a chance to test out the “Fun” board, we can only imaging it is a little easier to ride than the “Rider

The Wonkyboards use standard skateboard like grip tape, which simply works.  We didn’t experience any slippage as we progressed through our balancing drills.

The boards will require a hard surface to perform at their best or if one is not available, a temporary board of plywood will do the trick. If you want to go the plywood route, look for something that is about 3′ x 3′.

To check out the Wonkyboard Balance Board lineup be sure to visit their website.

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