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Good Morning Wednesday!  Working out doesn’t always have to feel like working out.  Sometimes you can “work out” in a more gentle way to rejuvenate your whole body.  Give yoga a try.  Yes, of course you can get a good hard workout in yoga, and many of us push it harder than needed while on the mat and, well…then again, some of us seek out excuses and don’t push ourselves to where we can go…SatyaIn yoga practice, Satya is the practice of truthfulness.  So today while working out, whatever workout that may be, consider the practice of Satya.  How truthful are you being on your mat? Also consider finding a middle ground while on the mat. One where, while you push yourself to find your edge, you also practice Ahimsa.  Doing no harm.  Respect your body and its limits. Back off if you tend to over exert yourself to the point of exhaustion.  Push yourself if you tend to find excuses and get lazy. This pertains to all efforts of exercise, be it on the mat, on the bike, running on the trail or lifting at the gym. Give yourself a chance to go inward and to find a softness inside the challenges.

To get you started here are some links for some online yoga and sites that are worthy of checking out.

Tara Stiles offers some great short online yoga classes.

Also check out:

Ekhart Yoga videos:  You do have to pay, but price is fairly low. $ Tons of styles and classes to choose from.

Black Swan Yoga based in Austin, Texas offers a Yoga TV Channel and for a small fee you can have your own yoga on your iphone, computer or TV. $ Variety of Classes.

Do Yoga With Me offers lots of FREE online yoga classes.  I’ve made use of this  Hips, Hamstrings & Low Back video more than a few times. Tons of classes to choose from.

What would a yoga practice be without inspiring quotes to contemplate?

yoga quote

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