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Tom Crandall Oakley Flack Jacket SportRxHey there.  Today I thought I would bring you into my world and talk about some Thom’s fitness routines.  Yep it’s all about me today.

Kathleen and I have started to add a little 20 minute session, 5 days a week…WORKOUT session you clowns!

The workouts involve doing various exercises for 20 minutes. I have been going to a gym near my work and Kathleen has been working out at home.

After about 2 weeks we both feel a lot stronger and actually have been losing some weight or maybe just transitioning some weight to different areas of our bodies.  Two weeks to 20 days is a good rule of thumb before you start really seeing results.  I have a lot of muscle memory, so my body tends to react to exercise load pretty fast.

I try to do some of the basics (chest, shoulder, arms, abs and legs) and I use the Push – Pull method. Push days consist of chest, tricep and leg exercises. Pull days consist of arms, shoulders and abs.  I alternate days between Push and Pull routines.   Since the workouts are relatively short, you’re not sweating too much, so you can get these workouts in during the workday if time permits.

Beyond these 20 minute sessions, I also run 4 days a week and Nordic walk or cycle 4 days a week.  Occasionally I will also throw in a swim or do some other form of exercise.


My running schedule looks something like this.

  • Monday – 3.5 miles of gradual speed increase with at least a mile warm-up and mile cool down.
  • Wednesday – 6.5 miles in a hilly course
  • Friday – Bomb Run – 6 miles starting out easy and ending the last few miles at or near race pace followed by a short cool down.
  • Sunday – 8.5 to 10 miles of slow to medium with a strong finish.

On the Days I run I may also add a Nordic Walk session or a cycling session in the evening.

Cycling & Nordic Walking

Tuesday and Thursday mornings I either do an hour bike on my single speed or do about 50 minutes to 1 1/2 hours Nordic walking.

Living downtown means not being able to really get out on the road bike as much, due to the morning and evening traffic.  Most of my cycling is done on my single speed mountain bike where I can ride around town lake.  We prefer to Nordic Walk on paved paths or roads because you have better traction with your sticks.


  • Mornings – I usually have a large bowl of oatmeal.  After hard runs I usually will also have an electrolyte drink.  Protein shakes are another staple of mine, usually consisting of Almond Milk, 1 banana, Ice cubes and Protein Powder.
  • Mid Day – I will often eat a tuna fish salad or peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches. I do like to  have 1 or two servings of Yogurt with almonds, honey and dried cranberries.
  • Evening – There are many nights where I come home grab a bowl of cereal, go workout and then have a salad and chicken or tuna fish or potatoes. Depending on the day, I might have also have another protein shake or electrolyte drink.


Ausitn Indoor skydivingThe biggest excuse people run into for not working out is not making it a priority.  It’s really easy to get sucked into your day job and not have the energy or time to workout afterwords.  For those that lack motivation, you need to have a game plan to treat workouts like you would any other important event.  Fitting them into your schedule is key.

The best time IMO to workout is the morning since, it gets it out of the way of any excuse that could come up later in the day.  If morning workouts aren’t an option, try scheduling a time that doesn’t conflict with other activities.

When you workout don’t have your phone’s ringer on or better yet don’t bring it at all.  Society got along just fine prior to the cell phone and you should take that to heart.

Go luck.  NOW GET TO IT!


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Tom Crandall

Totally into multi-sports including triathlon, swimming, cycling, running skating and movement in general. Love to trail run and hang outdoors.

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