Wednesday’s Workout – Serenity Now


I don’t know what to say…I don’t know what to say..I don’t know what to say…
What’s this all mean?  Well way back when Kathleen was much younger she was required to write a paper and for the life of her, she didn’t know what to write about, so she simply wrote “I don’t know what to say” over and over again.  I always thought the story was rather cute.  Today Kathleen is a writing machine, churning out paper after paper and getting A’s all the way.  Go Kathleen.

Well today I thought I would talk about your inner dialog, because as an athlete it can help or hinder your performance.  It can also turn a positive experience into a negative one.

It never ceases to amaze me how rude people can be and how that rudeness can really effect your mood.

Here are a few examples to get the point across.

Example 1.  You’re running on a multi-use trail, obeying obvious trail etiquette and some jack-ass, I mean some moron, I mean some a-hole…you see what’s happening.  You are starting to get heated over something that is really out of your control.  It might make you mad, it might aggravate you to no end and it obviously can change your entire demeanor.

Example 2.  You’re cycling on road, obeying obvious road etiquette and some jack-ass driver, I mean some moron driver, I mean some a-hole drive…you see what’s happening again.  This time you give the driver the bird and now you are pissed.  The light in front of you turns red and you give the driver an earful.

In both examples a complete stranger’s actions have turned your workout sideways, effecting your mood, your demeanor and maybe your attitude.

From my experience 99% of the time, the people that have just driven you crazy will not respond positively to anything you do or say.  The best advice is to just say SERENITY NOW and keep moving forward.  To do otherwise will in most cases just waste your energy and time thinking about it.

So the next time some jack-ass, I mean some moron, I mean some a-hole drives you to the boiling point, just relax and say SERENITY NOW!  You will be amazed how doing such a little thing might calm you down and actually become quite funny.


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Tom Crandall

Totally into multi-sports including triathlon, swimming, cycling, running skating and movement in general. Love to trail run and hang outdoors.

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