Wednesday’s Workout – Holiday Season


The holiday season is upon us.  Turkey smell is in the air and Christmas is right around the corner.  For many, the holiday season is one of temptation and the dreaded weight gain that can come along with it.  Learning to say “NO” is almost impossible.  Stress and depression are usually much higher during these times.

What to do…What to do…

My mom had the best advice.  “Everything in moderation…Including moderation”.  As long as you stick to a game plan and can be a little flexible, you will navigate through almost any holiday pitfall without even slowing down.

Christmas Vacation
The Game Plan

During the holiday season you have to be able to adapt to sudden changes.  Being with family and friends for extended periods of time often requires adjustments to your normal workout patterns.  Learning how to adjust to these changes can greatly reduce any stress that might otherwise creep up.

Choosing the optimal time to workout.  First you have to decide when the optimal times are for working out.  You may be on vacation or staying with family or friends.  In most cases, early morning workout sessions are the best.  If you can get going before the rest of the gang is up, you are on your way to success.  Sometimes this approach can be tough, especially if every day becomes a late nights of partying.

Be flexible.  Remind yourself, that it isn’t just about you.

Don’t get stressed about it.  If plans change, stay calm and go with the flow.  Kathleen is really good with going with the flow and has taught me a lot.

Finding the best workouts.  You might run into situations where you simply can not get the same workout in that you are accustom to.  This is pretty normal, so don’t panic.  See what you have at your disposal.  If you like working out at a gym and one isn’t available, do body weight exercises or use various house hold props to simulate your gym workouts.

Be prepared.  Showing up without the proper equipment can really hinder a workout session.  If you know you might be working out in either a colder or warmer climate than you are currently used to, bring the proper cloths and equipment.  For the cold, I like to wear layers that can always be removed.

Pack light, but not too light.  I am notorious for bringing way too much with me when I go on vacation.  Really putting some thought into what to bring will pay dividends.  There has been countless times I have gone crazy bringing all sorts of workout gear that simply didn’t get used.

On to Eating

Let’s face it, eating can be EXTREMELY enjoyable.  Add friends and family and a mixture of laughter and you have the perfect storm.  Cakes, cookies, pies….  These are all things that under the right conditions are almost too hard to pass up.  As long as it doesn’t out of hand, enjoy yourself.  You shouldn’t have to say NO to everything, just remember to keep things in moderation.

Yeah right, moderation he says.  How can you keep things in moderation when they simply smell or taste so good?  Believe me it can be a battle.   Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.  I find that if you can fill up on water and other liquids, you may not have as much room for those desserts that are so tempting.

What about Stress?

Fortunately for you I wrote an article called Wednesday’s Workout Serenity Now.  Check it out.

So have fun and Happy Thanksgiving!


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