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Getting OrganizedThis morning I thought how easy it could have been to sleep in and miss my running workout.  What would have made it even easier is if I hadn’t laid out my gear the night before.  What I am talking about is getting organized about your training.  It’s a great habit to form and you can actually shave off time from your day.

Most people, at least if you’re like me, are a little groggy in the morning.  It takes a few minutes for those brain cells to activate.  Even when at full capacity, I find that I am always running around looking for this or that.  If the goal is to be organized, you need a game plan.

So how do you go about getting Organized for your workouts?
1. Check the weather conditions the night before.  Even though forecasters can absolutely blow a weather report, they usually are pretty good at getting it close.  It’s good to know how cold is it going to be?  Is it going to rain or snow? Is it going to be windy?  Stuff like that.

Knowing the weather report will allow you to organize the perfect outfit or at least get prepared for the coming workout.  Having an idea of what you wore in previous workouts is ideal.  This sets you up for success.  Learning what works and what doesn’t at different temperatures allows you to adjust your workout gear accordingly.

2. Find a good place to set out your gear.  Finding the right spot to lay things out makes things super easy the next morning.  I find that having a nice chair to sit in when putting on your shoes and such makes things a lot more comfy.

Below is a typical checklist I go through the night before.  I like to start from the feet and work my way up.

  • Shoes (Right now my favorites are Under Armour’s minimal neutral shoes)
  • Socks (Darn Tough, Farm To Feet or Smartwool)
  • Underwear (I wear SAXX underwear for most of my workouts now)
  • Shorts (If it’s above 40 degrees I wear shorts, otherwise I go for tights)  My preference is either SAXXBlacksheep Long John Fly or Smartwool Phd Run Tights.
  • Base – Love Rapha’s Base Layer or some type of sports tank.  (If it’s 55 degrees or above, usually I just need a base layer)
  • Mid Layer – Normally I like Ice Breakers line of gear.
  • Outer Layer – Rapha makes a killer cycling vest called a gilet that I use for running.  Actually I have 2 that are different thicknesses.
  • Hands – I have various gloves/mittens
  • Head – I opt for a hat or cap.  My favorite is a wool cap from Rapha.  It just seems to feel the best.

So give it a go an let us know if becoming more organized helps your workouts.






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Totally into multi-sports including triathlon, swimming, cycling, running skating and movement in general. Love to trail run and hang outdoors.

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