Wednesday’s Workout – Cell Phones


Cell Phone At The GymI have been faithfully hitting the gym 5 days a week and feeling great.  The other day however I witness something I hadn’t seen and it got me sort of tweaked.  A guy actually lifting weights while talking to someone on their phone or rather headset.  I am talking or rather they were talking right in the middle of a set.  I was so tempted to say, “What the heck are you doing and smack him up side the head?  I mean really, is your life that sad that you can’t have your own ME time.

It was absolutely pathetic.  Here is a guy, who I assume is trying to workout and he has to bring his phone with him while doing it.  Come on folks, it really will not kill you to leave your phone at the office or home or in your gym bag.

You will be amazed at how much better your workouts will be when you’re not distracted by technology or at least the technology that has you talking over the phone.

For those that don’t know, I am 50 years young or old, depending on your perspective.  A large portion of my life was spent without a cell phone and I somehow survived.  Yes I made it all the way through college and many years in the workforce without a single cell phone.  Of course the technology was readily available for most of that time, but still I somehow survived.

Wednesday's Workout - Cell PhonesToday people seem glued to their cell phones, smart tablets and yes even computers.  When you are ready to workout, leave those technologies behind.  Get unhooked and explore the beauty of being free.

There will be those who will give the excuse that they need a cell phone in case of emergency.  Well I and most people my age and older somehow managed to live long lives without the need for a cell phone.  Somehow I think people who you’re trying to reach or are trying to reach you will survive another hour or two while you’re workings.
PS Kathleen says it is very discourteous to others who are trying to workout.  OK maybe she said it more like this “It’s Rude MoFo!”


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