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Vittoria HORA Cycling Shoes

Vittoria HORA – An Introduction

Late 2011 Vittoria introduced their new Vittoria HORA Cycling Shoes.  These road shoes are 100% handmade in Italy.  Their carbon sole, the “Freccia Tricolore”, are dubbed one of the thinnest carbon sole being used to date.  The shoes contain a rotor closure mechanism patented by Vittoria Shoes.  From what I have seen, the rotor closure looks similar to the Boa closure system used by Specialized.
With the Vittoria HORA’s new carbon sole, consisting of constant thickness of 3mm, ensures maximum rigidity for the critical points and at the same time points less stress on your foot. The slots side-scrolling allows for a more precise adjustment when dialing in the cleats.   Thanks to its abundant venting, there is ample airflow to the foot, which helps it stay dry and cool in all conditions.

The upper is made from Lorica Microfiber High density Nylon Mesh Pebax Hell.  The sole, is probably the thinnest, lightest and stiffest full carbon sole available. It is a 3mm continuous thickness.   Other shoe companies use multiple layers to achieve thicknesses and stiffness.

The shoes are made in Italy, which come on, just makes them cool.   The carbon sole is produced in their factory in Northwest Italy-Biella. Not many, if any companies can claim they make everything in one factory let alone one country!

Vittoria HORA Breakdown

High Density Mesh Network
Insert self shaping carbon

307 g

Men’s :  38 – 49 with half sizes 38.5 to 44.5.
Women’s : They do carry a women’s specific version.  It is built on a special women’s last and supplied with a special insole as well.


Suggested retail is $419.00

Here is a fantastic video on how the Vittoria Hora Cycling Shoes are made.

Vittoria HORA Down And Dirty

In 2012 Vitoria was gracious enough to send out a pair for review.  How are the shoes holding up in 2014, well the shoes look almost new and feel amazing, even after 2 years of use.  The thing that most people probably don’t realize is unless your a racer and even if you are, cycling shoes can last for years.  They simple don’t break down like a regular pair of running shoes would.  That means once you buy a pair, they are going to last a very long time.  Some people my get squeamish about dropping over $400 for a good set of cycling shoes, but don’t think twice about spending $100 for a pair of good running shoes, when the cycling shoes will probably outlast 10 or more running shoes.

The cable closure system Vittoria uses is based on their own proprietary closure system. They been using a cable closure since 1992(first cycling shoe to do so). Roughly a decade before the BOA system was even a brand.   You can completely replace the system without tools in under 5 minutes vs the BOA.

What I really liked about the Vitoria Shoes are the wide open foot entry.  Unlike the Specialized S-Works, where I feel like I need a shoe horn, the Vittoria HORA are a snap to put on.

The shoes are very adjustable, allowing you to set your desired tension using the upper strap and their cable closure system.  The Upper strap can be adjusted on the side to accommodate both a wide and narrow foot.  I really liked how the cable closure system works.  A flip of the little lever allows you to precisely dial in the tension both clockwise and counterclockwise.  There is also a quick release button in the center of the dial, which removes all tension.

The shoes are quite expensive, being a high end cycling shoe, so they certainly will not fit into everyone’s budget.  A comparable shoe is the Specialized S-Works  I ride with the Specialized S-Works and love the fit and the Vittoria HORA equally shines in this department.

I found the shoes to fit very close to the Specialized S-Works, but without the need for a shoe horn.  The toe box seems a little bigger, so those who have wider feet might appreciate that.  Taking off the shoes is also an easy process.  Push the tension release button, unhook the strap and you’re out.

This shoe is definitely for anyone who wants to make a statement, loves “Made in Italy”! and wants a high performance cycling shoe.

Vittoria Hora Website

Check out the Vittoria HORA website for more information.

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Tom Crandall

Totally into multi-sports including triathlon, swimming, cycling, running skating and movement in general. Love to trail run and hang outdoors.


  1. Tom,

    Thanks for the post, sorry for the delay in finding it on the web. But I would like to correct some things in the post.

    Firstly, the cable closure we use is propriatary to Vittoria. We have actually been using a cable closure since 1992(first cycling shoe to do so). So almost a decade before the BOA system. Also, our closure is completely replaceable without tools in under 5 minutes vs the BOA. It is very different and even uses a highly different mechanism inside it.

    Also, our sole, it is the thinnest, lightest and stiffest full carbon sole available. It is a 3mm continuous thickness. Versus others who are using multiple thicknesses to acheive stiffness. We believe in making our shoes in Italy so much, this carbon sole is actually produced in our factory in Northwest Italy-Biella. Not many, if any companies can claim they make everything in one factory let alone one country!

    With regards to the fit of our shoes, we absolutely do not fit like a Sidi. In fact, quite the opposite! Our shoes have the widest natural toebox of any cycling shoes. Our length is similar to a Specialized or Shimano but again, a bit wider in the toebox. But for those who have smaller or unusal feet, we do offer a Narrow, Wide, Super Wide width option as well as a High or Low Volume and even a Multi-Length option for people with two different length feet. And all of our shoes are available this way, not just the Hora. And all of our shoes are available in a Womens Specific. Not just a Mens.

    So as you can see, we are a very different company than others. We still make our shoes in the same factory as we did almost 40 years ago when Celestino Vercelli started the company. Oh, and the name, we are the ORIGINAL Vittoria. We are two weeks older than that other one. We have six generations of cobblers in the Vercelli Family and are very proud of the tradition of making the best cycling shoes in the World and making them in our factory in Biella.

  2. Robert Connell on

    I would like to say,that Vittoria shoe’s,are the greatest!
    I have three pair’s,the “Pantani” Blitz,the Unique,and the latest “Hora”!
    Vittoria were very helpful,as i am a size UK13(Vittoria 48),and wanted a
    carbon-soled,premium-end,race shoe.
    They said,no problem,unlike Sidi,who refuse to answer,why they won’t make,
    an “Ergo”,in their 49(UK13),but make a “Pro 5”,and a winter “Hydro”,up to a
    I also love,Vittoria,for being 100% Italian-made,and a lot cheaper,than Sidi!
    Sidi’s are made in Romania,then returned to Italy,for sole,to be applied,and
    classed,as “Made in Italy”!
    Why the stupid price’s,if not Italian-made?
    I don’t pay,premium price’s,for “Cheap Labour”!!!
    Castelli,Campagnolo and Assos clothing,are the same,too!
    All in all,i recommend Vittoria shoe’s,for their excellence,in
    all thing’s cycling,as well as being riden,by the best!

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