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Ultimate Sandbag Pink

Ultimate Sandbag – Not Just For Men.

The Ultimate Sandbag is a really cool weight lifting product I found while looking for at home fitness products.

Ultimate Sandbag History

The creation of the Ultimate Sandbag™ was a direct result of Strength Coach, Josh Henkin, to deliver better and faster results to his clients. More importantly the Ultimate Sandbag™ was created to help Josh’s own low back problems that were compromising his own quality of life.

Frustrated with ineffective therapy and corrective exercise, Josh knew there had to be a better way! Sandbag training seemed to be intriguing because of the instability and challenge to the core, but there was something missing, a powerful system of implementation. The real power of the Ultimate Sandbag™ lies in the ability to create exercises that could simultaneously improve flexibility, turn-on those muscles that have been forgotten by most standard weight room exercises, and help re-teach how to use the “RIGHT” muscles to take stress off the rest of the body.


The bags retails for between $99 (Power) and $129 (Strength).  They do carry other bags, but for most people the Power or Strength bags will be perfect.  The bags currently come 3 colors, (pink, camouflage and black), so if you do order, make sure you choose the color you want.

Since ordering my first sandbag, which was black, they introduced hot pink geared towards women and camouflage geared towards the military and hardcore types.  The other exciting news is they have introduced a water filler bag that comes with their new DVRT Advanced Filler System.

Advanced DVRT Water Systems

Rather than using sand, the folks at Ultimate Sandbag have now introduced the DVRT Advanced Filler Systems into their product lineup.  You can fill the Ultimate Sandbag Training exterior shell with sand or water filler bags depending upon your fitness goals and needs.  The clear advantage of water is you can now take your sandbags on travel and simply fill them up when you get to your new destination.

Overall Impression

If you’re looking for a really good at home or Boot Camp/ CrossFit style piece of fitness equipment, you’re not going to be disappointed.  The Ultimate Sandbag delivers a fantastic workout.  The material looks like it will hold up to a lot of abuse and should last for many years.

The bag comes with a few soft rubber handles, which some people might not like. I found they worked as designed and worked flawlessly. It does add a little more bulk to the bag vs other sandbags that just have straps for handles.

The biggest advantage to date IMO is the DVRT Advanced Filler Systems.  Now your able to take the bag just about anywhere, fill it up with water and get a great workout in.  I did’t notice much difference between the water and the sand filled bags, which is a good thing.  Water is certainly much more convenient and means you can travel across the globe and bring your bag with you.

Ultimate Sandbag really delivered with their new product lineup.  So check them out, you will not be disappointed.

Ultimate Sandbag Website

Check out the Ultimate Sandbag website for more information

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