Ultimate Direction Highline Hydration Pack


Ultimate Direction Highline Hydration Pack.

Keep Hydrated and Continue Moving.

Ultimate Direction

I just love the name!         ULTIMATE.        DIRECTION.       I already feel stronger, more focused and clear.

Ultimate Direction is a company passionate and committed to making and selling high quality hydration gear for everyday runners.  Water and staying hydrated is essential for life, training, racing and performing well.  This past December I met some of the folks from Ultimate Direction at The Running Event in Austin.  I was lucky enough to have been photographed on a long running journey with one of their signature series running vests : )  ultimate direction hydration pack

Ok, so maybe I wasn’t really on a long running adventure; but the vest was really cool!  For more info on their signature series check out Ultimate Directions site. 

Ultimate Direction did send out another hydration pack for me to test out.  I got the Ultimate Direction Highline pack. 

ultimate direction highline


ultimate direction hydration pack

Ultimate Direction Highline Hydration Pack:

You won’t get dehydrated with this pack!  The Highline hydration pack has a 96 oz available water pack as well as two water bottle pockets.  This pack is great for long distant runs or hiking adventures.  I have only used it a couple of times so far.  My running adventures have been short enough for me to not require a complete fill up.  With only filling the pack to half its potential, my runs were perfectly comfortable.  I barely noticed any extra weight.  Even if I were to fill it up all the way, the design of the Ultimate Direction Highline is efficient and sturdy to say the least.  The straps have a snug fit that keeps it secure on my shoulders and back.  I hardly noticed the pack during my runs.  The waist belt adjusts to your desired size.  This also keeps it snug to my body and adds ease to whatever movements I make.  There was enough room in the bag for me to add some snacks as well as some arm warmers and gloves.  I could have added more to the bag.  There are some pockets on the waist strap.  Enough room for a cell phone, camera or snack bars.

The Ultimate Direction Highline Hydration Pack is a solid product to have on your long runs or hikes.  It serves its purpose and with comfort.

The only part of the bag that I gave notice to that I would make different was the mouth piece.  It was a bit stiffer than some other hydration packs I’ve used before.  I could still use it and get the water I needed, I simply had to work slightly harder for it.  This could be a small inconvenience for someone on a longer run who really needs to get hydrated fast and often.  I have not tested it out to that extent yet, but I will update as I come across anything new.  Overall, The Ultimate Direction Highline Pack is still a great product.  Easy solution for any hassle water reservoir is to replace it with a different one.  Ultimate Direction Has several hydration packs to chose from depending on your needs.

* Important Note for any hydration pack!  When filling up the water pack, suck out any extra air so to get a better seal in the bag.  This will help keep the water from swooshing all around during your run.  Saves space too!

hydration pack


Ultimate Direction Highline Hydration Pack Features:

  • 96oz / 2.8L reservoir
  • 3D AirMesh backpanel with molded framesheet provides comfort and stability
  • 3D AirMesh backpanel and shoulder straps provides ventilation
  • Molded HDPE framesheet
  • Adjustable sternum strap
  • AirMesh waistbelt
  • Breathable shoulder straps
  • Strap secure webbing control
  • Dual water bottle / food pockets
  • Drain hole
  • Adjustable reflective bungee system
  • HyperFlow bite valve
  • Rear light attachment loop
  • Key hook
  • All Ultimate Direction products are 100% BPA-Free

Ultimate Direction Highline Storage:

  • Separate reservoir sleeve with hanger
  • Quick access storage pockets on waistbelt
  • Gel pockets on shoulder straps
  • Overflow storage pouch

The Ultimate Direction Highline Hydration Pack weighs in at an incredible 1lb 6oz!  Its storage capacity is 5L and the materials used are 3D Air Mesh, Nylon 210D and 150D as well as Nylon Mesh.

Go to the website for more info on Ultimate Direction Highline Hydration Pack or to Purchase yours.  It goes for $109.95.  


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About Author

Kathleen Crandall

Hello there! Kathleen Hilker Crandall Speaking! I work as an Independent Pilates/Yoga teacher and Massage Therapist in Austin, Texas. Check out our Service Page for more details on what I offer. I truly love the work that I do and am glad to share with others what I have learned! Move Well. Eat Well & Nourish to Flourish :)


  1. Good review and great photo Kathleen … If I hadn’t been there in Austin, I would have guessed you were running Longs Peak!

    • Kathleen Crandall

      Thanks Buzz! I have to say, each time I see this photo I am fooled : ) It does make me want to go on long adventurous runs. “Long distance” (above 5 miles) is new for me. Can’t wait to pass my ten mile goal!

  2. I agree, a well written revue,but with respect to Kathleen, if a person doesnt do more than 5 or so miles,the revue is not complete. A hydration system is simply a fashion statement at those distances and a revue would be far more valuable once a person has tested the product out over at least 15+ miles. That is when the small gremlins start to creep in. Fit and chaffing can become an issue and all sorts of other little issues pop up. In fact, using it a number of times before writing a revue would be the best way. That is my opinion. Nice photo though.

    • Kathleen Crandall

      Thanks for the feedback. I do appreciate it. I intend to add more to the review as I make more use of the pack. It’s a work in progress. I am curious to find out how it feels during longer excursions, though until then, it is a fine pack for shorter outings. In comparison to some other packs I’ve used before, this pack overall does fit and feel better than the others in my opinion.

  3. Tom Crandall

    Hi Vaughn,

    I would just like to chime in here. Kathleen isn’t a long distance runner. She has never run 15+ miles and may or may not do that distance. Of course I have done plenty of runs over 15 miles including Leadville, using all sorts of backpacks. We’ve taken the pack out 3 times. 2 of the runs were what I consider black diamond courses. One course, even though it was probably only 5 miles took us about 2 hours to run. The other course that was also about 5 miles was absolutely sick with ridge running, then down to valleys and back up again. The pack got plenty of abuse, probably more so than what typical reviewers would put it through. The course selection allowed her to see how the pack would work in the worst of conditions, verses just running 10 miles on the road.

    What would be interesting in my mind is how the pack performs during warmer weather. I have never had issues with packs in the cold, simply because you’re wearing a lot of clothing that masks some of the issues that may occur from sweat and comfort level.

    You may get your wish though. Kathleen has said she wants to build up to 10 miles. I told her that once she gets there, she will probably want to do a half marathon and then a marathon and then a ultra. 🙂

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