Ultimate Body Press vs Lebert Equalizer


Ultimate Body Press vs Lebert Equalizer – Both Great Workout Devices

When it comes to doing tricep presses or dips you can not go wrong with either the Ultimate Body Press or the Lebert Equalizer.  Both pieces of equipment are essentially tricep or dip stands.

The Lebert Equalizer is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. The Lebert Equalizer can be broken down, but will require a screw driver to dissemble it.

The Ultimate Body Press is more geared for indoor use. The Ultimate Body Press can be broken down into 6 pieces for storage and requires no tools.

Here are two articles I wrote on the Lebert Equalizer and the Ultimate Body Press.

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Ultimate Body PressFor people who are taller than say 6’2″, you may find the Ultimate Body Press better for doing dips and getting a full range of motion.  The Ultimate Body Press is 36″ high.  The Lebert Equalizer is 28.5″ high.

Currently the Ultimate Body Press has other attachments such as straps and bands.  These additional products allow you to do even more exercises including pushups, resistance leg raises and resistance dips.

The Lebert Equalizer allows you to use the bars as props for doing speed drills, coordination drills and power drills.

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