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Ultimate Body Press Dip BarA while back Frank Balentine sent me out one of his Ultimate Body Press Dip Bars (Ultimatebodypress.com).  The dip bar comes in 6 pieces and each piece contains color coded circles for easier assembly.  I did find the directions a little confusing, but my expert knowledge on building stuff make assembling the unit a snap.

The Ultimate Body Press Dip Bar is a free-standing dip stand and supports up to 350 lbs.  The dip bar is made out of thick walled steel and appears surprisingly strong.  The unit can be disassembled and stored underneath your bed or in your closet. If you are just starting out or putting the final touches on your home gym, this dip station will make an excellent addition.

The three main exercises that can be performed on the Dip Bar are

  • Dips: The dip exercise is an amazing body weight exercise for increasing chest and triceps strength.  Since the bars are angled, you have numerous choices of hand positions.
  • Body Weight Rows: The Body Weight Row is an awesome exercise for building strength in your shoulders, biceps and back. It is very comparable to a pull up.  The body weight row is like doing a reverse pushup.
  • Leg and Knee raises, which work the core.

There are other accessories to use with the Ultimate Body Press Dip Bar including

  • Push-up Rings
  • Dip Belt & Core Strength
  • Dynamic Strength Package
  • Dip Bar & Push Up Ring Package

My experience thus far with the Ultimate Body Press Dip Bar is really good. The dip bar does everything it is designed to do. I am now pretty excited to be able to dips at home and the dip bar works as advertised.  The body weight rows are another cool exercise that I haven’t been able to do at home.  To make the body weight exercise even more challenging you can elevate your feet or flip upside down and really add some core work into the equation.

For those who can not do dips, you can do assisted dips by keeping one foot on the ground.

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  1. Great demo. Thanks for posting. I’m now tempted to get & try one.

    Where can I find your other instructional videos (as you mentioned in the vid, for beginners needing to initially build up their upper body strength)?

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