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ugi ball sizes

Ugi Ball Sized Right

The Ugi Ball is basically what is known as a Medicine Ball.  But unlike a medicine ball, the Ugi ball has squishy feel to it, is a little bigger and has a little less bounce.   The ball is 15” in diameter and currently comes in 4 weights.

I like to think of the Ugi Ball as the female version of a medicine ball.  Ugi approach is to incorporate common medicine ball routines with stability routines that use the ball as a prop in their 30 minute workout videos.  Personal trainers are going to love using the ball for stability, strength and endurance training with their clients.

Each Ugi ball is hand-stuffed with a combination of recycled rubber and a patented polyester fiber fill.  The stuffing helps maintain the shape and elasticity.  The ball’s outer shell is made from highly durable, wax-coated, poly vinyl material.

What makes Ugi appealing to women is the available color palette.  With vibrant colors such as pink, purple, teal and green, you have such a great selection to choose from.

Ugi Ball Price

The Ugi Ball can be purchased individually or as part of at home fitness package.  Regardless of weight, each idivdiual Ugi Ball retails for $129.  The at home fitness package retails for $189.  Currently the 12lb Blue and 10lb grey Ugi balls are only available in North America.

Medicine Ball Competition

If cost is a major concern, check out my Ugi Ball Replacement article where I compare other medicine balls including Dynamax Medicine Ball and Rage Medicine Ball.

The Dynamax and Rage medicine balls are not as soft, but are also really high quality medicine balls.  I like all three balls, so it really comes down to preference and price.  I think I prefer the traditional medicine balls (Dynamax or Rage) for traditional medicine ball routines and the Ugi Ball for doing exercises where it is used as a prop.

Ugi pronounced YouGee (Ugi)

For the longest time I was pronouncing Ugi as “YouG” and actually made a video saying it that way. :-)  Ugi is actually pronounced YouGee.

Recommend Ball Weight

Most women will not need anything over 8lbs for most of the Ugi exercises.  Most men will not need more than 10lb.

Ugi Ball Training At Home System

What you get when you buy a Ugi Ball

  • Ugi ball in the weight of your choice  (learn more about choosing the right weight for you).
  • five total body workouts on DVD with instructions, tips, tricks, modifications (utilizing 140 different exercises)
  • a stand-up, easy-to-follow Ugi workout guide that has all 5 total body workouts (so you can Ugi anywhere!)
  • a no-nonsense guide to making good eating choices
  • access to our online video library of Ugi exercises
  • Free downloadable Ugi interval timer for the iPhone (other smartphone platforms to come)

To learn more about Ugi, check out the

Ugi ball on their website.


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