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I first discovered the Ugi Ball from BodyRock.TV.  Many BodyRocker’s are looking for something a little less expensive, basically a Ugi Ball replacement.  My top two Ugi Ball replacements are the Dynamax and Rage medicine balls.

There are some obvious differences between the Ugi Ball and the Dynamax or Rage medicine balls.  The Ugi Ball is softer, more round and a little larger than traditional medicine balls, 15″ vs 14″ in diameter.  A Ugi Ball also come with a zipper stitching area verses sown.  The zipper doesn’t serve a function for the end user, it’s just the location where the ball was stuffed.

Ugi offers balls ranging in weight from (6lb to 12lbs).  Both Dynamax and Rage offer balls weighing from (4lb – 30lbs).  Unlike Ugi, who charges the same amount for each ball, both Dynamax and Rage medicine balls are sold on a sliding scale based on weight.  The lighter the ball, the more money you will save over a Ugi Ball purchase.

What Ugi has over it’s competitors is their sex appeal.  Ugi’s color palette is designed to appeal more towards women, with colors such as pink, purple and turquoise.  With the Ugi Ball being softer, it also may be more useful as an exercise prop.

When your looking for that Ugi Ball replacement, most of the exercises that can be performed on a Ugi Ball can certainly be performed on the Dynamax or Rage medicine ball.  I said most, because there are a few exercises, like ball standing that seem better suited for the Ugi Ball.  For ball throws, I much prefer  traditional medicine balls over the Ugi ball.  As a prop I think the Ugi Ball is outstanding, but as I stated above, the Dynamax or Rage will work equally as well.

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