Wednesday’s Workout – Using Interval Timers


Today I thought it would be nice to introduce the concept of Using Interval Timers.  For those that simply workout for a set period of time, using intervals breakup a workout into manageable segments of work and rest.

Using Interval Timers

To give you some context here are a few ways you can visualize what the workouts might look like.

H.I.I.T (High Intensity Interval Training) Workouts

Below is an example of a Hit Workout.  The Yellow represents a warmup and cooldown of 3 minutes.  The Main set is 6 x (30 seconds of high intensity (green) followed by 90 seconds of low intensity (red), the last part actually being a cooldown).

HIIT Timer Template

Circuit Workout

A Circuit workout usually consists of going from machine or exercise to a string of other machines or exercises to create a set.  In this example the workout is 4 sets x (4 50 second exercises with a 10 second rest between exercises and 30 second rest between sets.

Circuit Timer Template

Tabata Workout

A Tabata workout is similar to a H.I.I.T. workout only the rest in between exercises is shorter.  Below is 4 set x (8 exercises of 20 seconds followed by a 10 second rest followed by 1 minute recovery)

Tabata Timer Template

Interval Workout

An Interval workout typically has two different times.  One is for the interval and the second is for the recovery.
Below is 3 sets x (5 minute interval followed by 1 minute recovery)

Round Timer Template

OK so now that we have an idea I what interval training is, you might want to get a timer to help setup and keep track of your intervals.

Right now we have found only one timer that can do all of the above. It’s called Seconds Pro and it requires a smartphone. You can find out all about it at Another really cool option with Seconds Pro is the ability to add music to your intervals. For those that like working out with music, Seconds Pro offers some cool features to customize what you will hear during your intervals.

If you’re interested in doing a typical interval workout at home or at the gym and not looking for anything fancy, we recommend the Gymboss ( The Gymboss is a stand alone timer and doesn’t require a smart phone. For us, we really prefer this option whenever possible, because nothing ruins interval training than having to answer the phone mid interval.


If you’re plan is to venture out on a track or somewhere outdoors, a smart watch with interval timers is perfect.


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