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We have been looking at various hitch mount bike racks and we have come out with what we consider the Top 5 Hitch Bike Racks.  Hitch Mount bike racks are sometimes referred to as hitch-tray bike carriers, where the bikes wheels rest in trays, similar to a roof rack.

In order to qualify, the bike rack needs to fit a 2 inch hitch receiver and also be able to hold 2 bikes with 29 inch wheels.  Now to be honest we haven’t had a chance to test out any of these racks, but since these are all from highly recommended sources we think that any of the racks list will be of high quality.

The racks range in price from the low end Swagman Semi 4.0 2 Bike ($400) to the high end Thule EasyFold 9032 ($699).

We picked 2 inch hitch mounts because the 2 inch receivers can hold more weight and are more sturdy.  All the racks listed have the ability to tilt allowing access to rear cargo hold of a car or SUV.

Top 5 Hitch Bike Racks

1UP USA Quik Rack Bike Carrier

1Up USA Double Bicycle Quik Rack Hitch Mount

  • Heavy Duty 2″ Hitch Carrier
  • Designed to Carry 2 Bicycles
  • Compatible with Quik Rack Add On
  • Rated For Up to 4 Bicycles w/ Add Ons
  • Rates for 50 lbs per bike spot
  • Free Shipping on orders of $525
  • Retail $529 (Silver) $609 (Black)

Kuat NV

Kuat NV Rear Hitch Mount Bike Rack

  • Carries 2 bikes (Up to 60 lbs. each)
  • Total carrying capacity of up to 120 lbs.
  • Folds up quickly for storage
  • Tilts down for easy vehicle access
  • Integrated cable lock system AND hitch lock for maximum security (locking hitch pin included)
  • Includes built-in TRAIL DOC ™ repair stand for quick fixes on-the-go
  • Front and rear tire ratchets make loading and unloading a breeze
  • Hand-tight cam system – no need for additional tools!
  • Increase bike capacity to up to FOUR bikes with available NV-Add On (sold separately, 2″ model only)
  • The NV is the best option for downhill, free-ride, and other large bikes
  • Gun Metal Gray or Black & Polished Chrome powder coat finish
  • Anodized aluminum accents
  • Retails ($549)

Swagman Semi 4.0 2 Bike

Swagman Semi 4.0 2 Rear Hitch Bike Carrier

  • Zero frame contact
  • Fits 20” to 29” wheels
  • Ratcheting arms only grab the wheels
  • Locking hitch pin and cable included
  • Carries up to 2 bikes
  • Fits 2” hitch receiver
  • Rear wheel ratchet strap firmly hold bikes and secure wheels
  • Semi 4.0 transforms from 2 bike to 4 bike in seconds with the optional 2 Bike Add-On (#64697)
  • Patented design
  • Retail ($400)

Thule EasyFold 9032 – Pronounced Toolie

Thule EasyFold 9032 Hitch Mount Bike Rack

  • Carries up to 2 bikes
  • Snug-Tite™ receiver lock virtually eliminates hitch rack movement in receiver and locks the hitch rack to the vehicle
  • Convenient removable ramp for easy loading and unloading of your bikes
  • Fully foldable for convenient mounting, handling and storage
  • High load capacity for handling the weight of two E-bikes (2 X 66 lbs/30 kg)
  • Fits all 1 1/4″ or 2″ receivers with included hitch adapter
  • Manages long wheel bases (downhill MTBs)
  • Retails $699.00

Yakima Holdup 2

Yakima Holdup 2 Bicycle Hitch Rack

  • StrongArm design secures bike at wheels, protecting paint and carbon frames)
  • Load your bike in seconds whether it’s a 20″ wheel or a 29er)
  • Accommodates disc brakes, through axles, and full suspension bikes)
  • Tilts down with bikes loaded for rear-of-vehicle access)
  • Side-to-side adjustability to adjust space between bikes)
  • SKS Locks included; locks rack and bikes)
  • Carries 2 bikes; 4 with optional HoldUp +2 (2″ receiver only)
  • 60lbs weight maximum per bike (120lbs total)
  • Weight: 49.00 lbs
  • Dimensions: L 34.00” x W 64.00” x H 12.00”
  • Retails $449

Overall Impression

Based on looks the top picks would probably go to either Thule or Kuat, with 1Up coming in a close second.  Yakima and Swagmen’s offerings look good, but IMO they aren’t as appealing as the top 3.

1UP seems to have the quickest load and unload properties and since the racks are made in the US, they also get a big thumbs up from us.

We have contacted Thule and 1UP and might be getting a 1UP unit to test out.  Thule offered a pro deal discount which is pretty slick.  We are still waiting to hear back from Yakima and Kuat.






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