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Welcome to My name is Tom Crandall and I am the owner of several fitness related website including, and  Myself along with my amazing wife Kathleen Crandall, will bring you exciting information and reviews in Fitness, Health and Wellness.

On the business front, I am owner of, a website that specializes in SEO.  If you need SEO help, I am your Austin SEO Expert, although I can perform SEO pretty much anywhere in the world as long as I have computer Access.



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I have been in fitness related activities all my life, from playing team soccer at an early age to running 100 miles in Leadville Colorado. I have competed in triathlons since 1988, including 5 Ironman distance races.  I have offered my vast experience to help coach clients train for various races from 5ks – Marathon distances.  I have also coached people to improve their swimming technique and as well as improve both cycling and triathlon results.

I am not alone in this endeavor, I have become increasing concerned at the trend of obesity here in the U.S. It is astounding that even with all the information about the negative effects of too much weight gain, people still don’t do anything about it. For most, being obese is a life choice that doesn’t have to happen. If I can inspire some to get off the couch, eat better and live a happier healthier life, then I have accomplished one of my goals of helping people achieve success.

I have been fortunate enough to find a women who is into fitness and nutrition. Kathleen specializes in Pilates, but she is really an all around athlete with a focus on movement & nutrition. We eat crazy good breakfasts and amazing dinners. Before meeting Kathleen, my nutrition was all over the place, but now I have a partner who really makes cooking fun and exciting. She has introduced me to Pomegranates, Avocados and a host of other great foods including jelly beans, soft serve ice cream…hey even heath nuts have their breakdowns. It helps balance them out. 🙂

My mission is to help people become more fit. I specialize in short hard core workouts such as P90X and BodyRock.TV’s 12-20 minute workouts. I had always heard about P90X and the various success stories people where having with the system. A close friend started doing the Beachbody® business with much success. I decided to give it a try and haven’t looked back.

P90X and P90X + are by far the best overall video workout system I have ever done. When you combine these workout systems with a good nutritional plan, you have all the ingredients necessary for a very healthy lifestyle.

After doing two P90X 90 day programs, I have started to develop my own workouts which I like to term the “Thom’s 10”. Its roughly 10 minutes of really hard core exercises designed to whip you into shape.

On the leisure side I enjoy playing with my furry friends (Olaf and Svin-Willie-Ingo) and writing articles for my various blogs including,,, &

Of course I also enjoy hanging out with friends and family.

Thanks for taking the time to read. Have a brilliant day.