Therawheel : A Reinvention of a Wheel?





A Wheel’s a Wheel, right?      WRONG!

A Massage Tool’s a Massage Tool, right?     WRONG!

Massage toolLadies and Gentlemen, I’m am pleased to announce, Therawheel! So many wheels going around in this world and so many massage tools being made, used and thrown away over the ages.  So many inventions and reinventions.  A quest for the unique and the effective.  A quest for perfection.  A quest for the real deal or the Wheel deal : )  Well, I may not have found perfection because I just don’t even know what that is; but I have to say, I did find effective!  Not only effective, but easy to use and variety.  I like these qualities when it comes to rehabilitation, injury prevention, healing, massage and muscle ache relief.

I had the pleasure to meet Tom Jennings, the maker of Therawheel at The Running Event this past December in Austin.  Tom (not Tom Jennings, but our Tom with EndTheTrendNow) and I were there the entire week and we tried out and were given numerous massage tools to test out and review.  Quite a few of them were similar to one another and though have their benefits, were missing that uniqueness and that layer that takes it further to stand out as a unique tool that I will keep on my shelf of effective methods for healing and recovery. I do want to say that there were a few massage tools at this past Running Event that do stand out and are all unique to one another in very good ways!  See our products review page to learn more. I intend to post an article showing a variety of massage tools for easy comparing and contrasting ~ so stay tuned!!

What Makes The THERAWHEEL Stand Out?

Massage Tool


The Therawheel Massage tool has much to offer for muscle recovery, injury prevention, pain reduction, athletic support and mobility for feel good wellness.  The picture above shows the various components of the Therawheel and each area has specific uses that can be used for multiple needs.  Some massage tools out there have only a few variations on how to get into the muscle and those tend to only get to the surface of the muscle.  Therawheel is able to get into different layers of the muscle.  If you need surface pressure to work out minor aches and increase circulation or if you are in need of deeper, more penetrating trigger point work, the Therawheel tool does it all.  It can be used as a hand held do it yourself tool as well as a great tool for therapists to use on their clients.  I have not used it yet on my Pilates and Massage clients, but there are some videos out there of massage therapists using it and it helps out with easing overuse of hands.  So all you therapists and trainers out there, check it out!  ThereaWheel also has an EDUCATIONAL link on their site that shows all the various ways to use this tool.  There are pictures, written outlines and videos to help you out.

Whether you have trigger points, ITB tightness, Plantar fasciitis, chronic low back tension or other mobility restrictive issues due to muscle and tendon issues, the Therawheel is a worthy tool to look into.  You can tend to your muscles, fascia, tendons and ligaments in multiple ways with this massage tool.  The product is easy to use.  You can apply pressure directly to your skin with the help of some oils or creams or you can use it over your clothing.  Therewheel offers 150 different ways to use this tool.  Check out the Therawheel site and videos for thorough descriptions and guidance!

The TheraWheel goes for a phenomenal $59.00 AND offers free shipping within the US!  Pretty COOOOL!  They also have a sixty day guarantee, so if you are not pleased with it after 60 days,  you can return it; but once you try it out I don’t think you’ll even consider returning it : )  Go Here to order your Therawheel! 

What’s YOUR experience with Therawheel? And are there other massage tools that you like?


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