It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s The Original Worm!


The Original Worm

The Original Worm – Daytime, Nighttime, Anytime.

You know that saying, “The Early Bird Gets The Worm”, well now everyone has a chance to get the worm when ever they want.  The Worm is by the makers of The Original Worm and it’s is going to change the way you think of worms forever.  Karen Atkins, a local Austinite here in Texas and is the owner and operator of Wormwide Products LLC.  She is the inventor of The Original Worm, an innovative massaging body roller designed to soothe and revitalize stiff and sore muscles.

The Worm features 4 high-density rubber balls encased in a heavy duty, flexible neoprene casing.  To keep things simple there are only 2 sizes to choose from, a 9.5″ 14 oz version and a bigger 10.5″ 18 oz version.  Each size is available in either hot pink or black.  The small size makes the worms very portable, so you can take them just about anywhere.  The massager is designed to replace foam and stick rollers or used in conjunction with them.  The main purpose of the worm is to treat sore muscles and provide trigger point therapy.

We first heard about the worm from a friend of ours, Heidi Armstrong (Injured Athletes Toolbox), who who works with injured athletes.  She said this lady named Karen Atkins had come up with a new fitness product called the worm.  Sounded rather funny and we couldn’t quit envision what the heck this thing looked like…well that is…other than a worm.  Fast forward a few weeks and we finally met Karen at one of Kathleen’s fitness networking groups.  Lucky for us Karen had a jar, I mean box full of worms.  When we first saw them we were immediately impressed by the packaging.  This didn’t look like some run of the mill product, cooked up in a garage.  It had all the makings of a truly professional product, with lots of thought Love and vision poured into it.

The Original Worm Exercises and Useages

Karen was kind enough to give us 2 worms to test out.  The results, we loved the worm.  Now I am not going to say we are going to throw away our foam rollers, for they have lots of uses beyond just rolling out kinks and trigger points, but I will say that the worm is something rather unique and is perfect for what it was designed to do.  What we really like about the worm, are two main things.  First you can take it just about anywhere.  Second unlike a roller, the high density balls can dig into multiple areas at once.  Oh and why we are on the subject of balls, Karen seems to have nailed it on firmness.  The balls don’t seem to too hard or too soft.

With any fitness product, price point can really make or break it from a consumer standpoint.  Here again Karen seems to know her market niche.  At $22.99 for the small and $27.99 for the large, the price is a no brainer for anyone who wants a great product at a great price.

As far as which size is best for you, IMO that really boils down to preference.  Kathleen likes the smaller version, while I like the larger one.  That said, either size will get the job done and workout those kinks, trigger points and sore muscles.  Plus…it’s just plain fun to say “WORM”.

Check out Karen’s The Original Worm website for more information and never hate worms again.


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