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LCHF DietThe Low Carb High Fat Diet or LCHF Diet as it is known, has become very popular in recent years.  LCHF stands for Low Carbohydrate, High Fat.   The goal is to only eat items such as meat, fish, eggs, vegetables that grow above the ground and natural fats (like butter).    LCHF dieters need to avoid sugary foods (like bread, pasta, rice and potatoes).

LCHF practitioners can eat whenever they are hungry and as often as often as they like until they are full.   The great thing about the LCHF diet is you don’t need to count calories or weigh foods.

The LCHF diet is very similar to another diet referred to as the Paleo or Stone Age diet.

The main differences between the two, is the Paleo diet takes into account the quality of food being consumed.  The Paleo diet also excludes dairy products such as milk and butter.  Many of the LCHF diets turn out to be bad for the body and bad for your health, simply because they don’t take into account the quality of food.  Just because bacon doesn’t contain carbs, doesn’t mean it should be included in your diet.  Under the LCHF diet bacon is certainly on the menu.

Key aspects of the Paleo Diet
Consume Only: Lean protein (ideally from grass grazing, organic animals), free-range birds, and wild caught fish and meat. Seasonal fruits and vegetables. Eat from healthy fat sources like nuts and seeds, avocados, olive oil and coconut oil.
Avoid: gluten and lactose, sugars (added to, natural or sweetener), alcohol, grains, dairy products, starchy foods, semi-finished products.

Bottom line if you are going to go on a low carb, high fat diet, I would opt for the Paleo diet.  My mom’s advice was probably the best though.  “Everything in moderation including moderation”.  In other words, live life, but don’t go to extremes.  As long as you eat a balanced diet and include lots of fresh fruits and veges and maintain a fitness program, you surely are going to be much happier and probably will not need a weight loss diet in the first place.


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