Stuffitts Review – The Running Event 2012


Stuffitts - The Running Event 2012Stuffitts – Just Stuff-it!

Two years ago I discovered Stuffitts while attending “The Running Event” here in Austin.  Mike Huebner, the owner and founder is just one of those great guys you want to talk to and learn about his product lineup.  Stuffitts are drying inserts designed to combat moisture and kill odor in helmets, gloves, footwear, and shoes. Stuffitts products come in soft, lightweight moldable forms that fit easily inside the items they are designed to protect.

If you’re a cyclist, runner, tennis player or any other active athlete and sweat a lot, you should really check out Stuffitts website.

Stuffitts contain Microban protection, which helps prevent odor causing bacteria on the fabric inserts.  Within each Stuffitts product is a pouch that is made up of woods, including cedar and oils, which combined work to neutralize existing odors.

Whenever I get back from a cycling workout, there are two Stuffitt’s products that I utilize.  The first is the Stuffitts® For Shoes, which I use as inserts for my cycling shoes.  The second is the Stuffitts for helmets.  I sweat a ton and both the helmet and shoe inserts are perfect for soaking up all that moisture.  I haven’t had a chance to try out the glove inserts, but I am sure they work equally as well.

Stuffitts® was founded in 2007 by Mike Huebner while training for his first triathlon. He became frustrated with his wet, stinky running shoes and bike cleats so he developed the Stuffitts Shoe Saver—a lightweight, reusable drying insert for shoes to effectively keep them fresh and dry. The product’s success led to the introduction of an entire line of portable drying products to rapidly dry sweaty, wet gear and kill odor-causing bacteria. Stuffitts® inserts are available at specialty retail locations across the U.S. and abroad. We remain passionate about innovation and continue to improve our pioneering drying solutions for personal wearable gear.

The stuffitt products sell for $9.95 to $119.95  depending on type and style purchased.  The stuffitt products I own include the original and sport for my running and cycling shoes shoes and the halfcut for my cycling helmet.


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