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Stuffitts – The Portable Drying Solution

StuffittsStuffitts were designed by Michael Huebner and will change the way you dry your athletic equipment. Think of them as shoe savers, which absorb moisture & eliminate shoe odor.  Here in Texas, the summers get pretty hot and that means your shoes can get pretty wet , smelly and all around nasty.  Before Stuffitts, my only choice was to throw my shoes in the washer every month after the odor got too intense.  With these, you simply insert them into your workout or running shoes and let them do the drying and smell management for you.  Not only will these dry your shoes and eliminate order, they will make your shoes last much longer.


The company was founded in 2007 by Mike Huebner while training for his first triathlon. He became frustrated with his wet, stinky running shoes and bike cleats so he developed the Stuffitts Shoe Saver—a lightweight, reusable drying insert for shoes to effectively keep them fresh and dry. The product’s success led to the introduction of an entire line of portable drying products to rapidly dry sweaty, wet gear and kill odor-causing bacteria.

Stuffitts Overview

Stuffitts for shoes come in 5 colors and 3 different varieties depending on your needs including the Original ($24.95 ), which includes a convenient carrying strap, Sport ($14.95 )and Heels ($19.95 for 2 pair) .

I am half joking here, but another possible advantage to Stuffitts is they may actually keep scorpions out of your shoes.  That might not be an advantage outside of say Texas or Arizona, but it is certainly something to think about.

Stuffitts Color Selection


Stuffitts website

Check out Stuffitts website to find out more about Michael Huebner and his product lineup.


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