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Back in December we got a chance to meet the owner and developer of the Strutz Pro cushioned arch supports.  At first we thought that these were gimmicky, but we were really wrong.  Strutz has a absolutely fantastic product.

Strutz Pro Overview

The Strutz Pro is designed to provide immediate relief to those with sore feet, knee and back pain caused by poor arch support. It reduces heel, arch and ball of foot pain caused by flat feet, fallen arches and plantar fasciitis.

Unlike traditional arch support products on the market, the Strutz Pro internal shock absorber dampens shockwaves that Strutz Pro foottravel throughout the body as it compresses and rebounds itself while the wearer engages in activity. This promotes better balance, control and body alignment while also rejuvenating tired legs, alleviating knee, hip and lower back pain so that you can strut comfortably.   Best of all you can even wear them barefoot!

The Strutz Pro are essentially da bomb.  Yep they are an absolutely an amazing product.  The way I have been using them is to put them on after running.  I use them on my left foot right under the arch (this is the foot that has the plantar fasciitis issue).  This does two things.  First it supports my arch and second it is like I have had a professional sports tape job on my arch.  For me, plantar fasciitis has been a real pain for the last year (Literally).  I really haven’t been able to run.  After starting to use the Strutz Pros, I have had a dramatic improvement in plantar fasciitis recovery.  In fact I feel that I am about 80% healed.  I have to think that the Strutz have helped a ton.

My current plantar fasciitis regiment is to use the strutz pros after a run, do foot exercises using Born2run (B2R) products, use Birkis (Arch support sandals) while not running and to use minimalist shoes at least 3-4 times a week (Five Fingers, B2R…) to strengthen my arch.

The real advantage to the Strutz Pro is they are absolutely easy to wear.  You simply slide them on and forget about them.  They can be worn both with or without shoes.  Unlike sport tape, they are reusable and from what we have seen thus far, are going to last a long time.  Also unlike sports tape, you can wear them over your socks.

The only downside to the Struz Pro is they currently only come in a “One Size Fits All”.  This means if you have a very thin foot or a very wide foot, you may find that these don’t fit.  We did try them on one of our friends and the compression arch support was too loose.

The only suggestion we could come up with besides maybe having a smaller and larger version, would be to add a logo on each of the compression units that contains the name of the company.

The Strutz Pros retail for 29.95.

Check out to Find out more about the Strutz Pro and other Strutz products.

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