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I first spotted the Spoonk mat a few weeks ago while shopping at a grocery store and a sales representative was demoing it.  It immediately caught my eye and i grew curious of the bright colored mat covered with white spikiness.  As a massage therapist and someone who has experienced acupuncture and acupressure and the healing benefits of these modalities, I couldn’t resist finding out more.  The Spoonk mat was placed down before my feet.  I stepped onto it and Oooo! and Ahhhh my feet felt grateful.

That’s not to say that it was the most relaxing feeling ever.  It was quite the opposite.  Much sensation was poking and pricking the sensitive spots on my feet.  I had to gather my strength and take a few deep breaths to allow my body to relax into the mat.  Once I did, I began to feel more energized.  I did this for about five minutes and after stepping off the mat my feet felt grounded and awake.  I tried the same thing while laying down on my back.  Some parts of my back felt more tender with contact of the mat, but as I took some deep breaths, I was able to melt into it and relax.

What Spoonk can do for You:

This mat is designed to provide stimulation to reflex points throughout the body. These are the same reflex points that can be stimulated during an acupressure or Shiatsu massage.  Some benefits of having these points stimulated include a release of blocked energy, muscle tension release which in turn can increase energy levels, reduction of inflammation and pain, improvements in sleep quality, circulation and an overall lowering of negative stress.

When you stand, sit or lay down on this mat and allow your body’s weight to settle in, your body in relation with the Spoonk mat heals itself.  Blood gets circulated, endorphins get going, fatigue and stress begin to melt away.

Though the Spoonk mat is not a replacement for acupressure or massage, it does provide an affordable, effective and healthy spunk to your life! Pardon the fun. The name Spoonk even came from the spunky Pippi Longstocking character.  I personally, am happy to include this product in my home self care kit.  It’s a great addition to some of my other massage and relaxation gadgets.

Spoonk Materials


All natural and Eco Friendly materials!

There is a Hemp and Organic Cotton blend mat that is organic and made with non toxic materials.

To find out more about the Spoonk Mat check out their website.



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