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SOLE Casual Flips CorkSOLE has a great pair of flip flops known as the SOLE Casual Flips.   The flips use 35% cork in the midsole, have a cork-wrapped footbed, and a hemp and recycled polyester strap.  The SOLE Casual Flips are currently SOLE’s most sustainable sandals.

When SOLE sent me out 4 of their sandals including the Sport Slides, Casual Flips, Premium Flips and Sport Flips to test out, I wasn’t quite sure I would be up to the task.  Each sandal looked almost identical in shape and form, with the exception of their sports slides.  Well after using them all, I can say without a doubt they are all quite different in how they feel and what I would use them for.

Sole Casual FlipsThe SOLE Casual Flips are like that great pair of broken in jeans.  For those youngsters out there, jeans weren’t always as comfortable as they are today.  You used to have to break them in, which took plenty of washing, wearing and lots of deep knee bends .

Out of the 4 sandals tested, the Casual Flips are my favorite to wear.  The cork footbeds are incredibly comfortable and contour perfectly to the foot.

Cork History
Most of today’s cork comes from Portugal, Spain and Italy.  The cork industry is considered environmentally friendly.  Cork is generally harvested from early May to late August.  When a cork tree reaches the age of 25 years, harvesting begins.  From that point forward, cork is stripped from the trunks every ten years.  Normally the first 2 harvest produce lower grade cork.    The trees themselves live for about 200 years, so if you are wearing cork, chances are that tree where the cork was harvested will probably outlive you.

The SOLE Casual Flips are the perfect sandals to wear when hanging out at the beach or around town.  If you plan on getting your feet wet a lot or using them in public showers after swimming or at the gym, you probably should look at purchasing the Sports Slides or Sport Flips.

Like all the SOLE sandals I tested, I found the Casual Flips to run about a 1/2 size bigger than my running shoes.  These flips are also great for reducing plantar fascia strain.

The Casual Flips come in 4 colors for men and 6 for women.

I recommend these sandals for anyone suffering from plantar fasciiatis, or someone who wants an exceptionally comfortable sandal.

SOLE Casual Flips Features

  • Wear Moldable Footbed
  • Redesigned, Stretchier & More Accommodative Gender-Specific Upper
  • Metatarsal Support Pad
  • Adjustable Arch Support
  • Deep Heel Cup
  • Hidden Toe Ridge
  • Midsole Support Structure
  • Cork-wrapped Midsole
  • 35% cork by volume
  • Strap: 50% hemp and 50% recycled polyester
  • Synthetic Nubuck Upper
  • Natural/Synthetic Rubber Outsole
  • APMA Accepted

The SOLE Casual Flips retail for $79 and can be purchased direct from SOLE


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