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Sockwa.comEarlier this week I was sent a tweet about a company called Sockwa.  In the Spring of 08, a new company known as Sockwa ( located in Ventura County, California was formed.  The goal was to create a line of minimalist recreational shoes that could be used both indoor and out.

Currently there are 3 distinct shoes including the G2, Amphibian and DOJO.

The G2 ($49.99) emulates the sensation of being barefoot with just the right amount of protection.  Each shoe weighs 2.4 – 3.5 oz. depending on size.

The Amphibian ($39.99) is principally designed for outdoor terrain, but can also be used indoors.

The DOJO ($24.99) is perfect for yoga and pilates users who need to use the muscles in their feet for balance and want to keep their feet clean and protected.

Sockwa G2The shoes come in a variety of colors.  For those who are looking for a minimalist running shoe, the G2 might be a great option to try.  If your looking for a yoga shoe to add traction during hot yoga sessions, the DOJO looks to be a great choice.

The downside to the shoes thus far seems to be in the sizing.  There are limited sizes available, so if your foot falls outside the size range band, you’re out of luck.


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