Skora Form Running Shoes : Score With Skora!


SKORA FORM Running Shoes : SCORE with SKORA!

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Skora Form Running Shoes

skora form running shoes

Recently, the guys from Skora sent me a pair of FANTASTIC SKORA FORM running shoes!  Right off the bat I say FANTASTIC!  Excellent, Awesome, Sleek and well, a really really cool shoe!  I won’t be biased at all : )  Skora Form running shoes have much to offer without having a lot of hype or technology overkill.  There really is none of that.  Their motto is RUN REAL.


 What is RUN REAL?

Skora has a motto.  RUN REAL.  Minimal Interference.  Common sense.  Biomechanical.  Our bodies are already designed with such efficiency and grand god given anatomical technology, why interfere with that?  Why add gadgets, fancy gimmicks or layers of cushioning that take over and do the work our very own bodies can do?  Skora Form Running Shoes let you run naturally.  These shoes support this philosophy.

 So, do the Skora Form Running shoes help me to run real?  

I’ve been running in these shoes now for the past month.  Each time I put them on I gladly anticipate how my run will feel.  Simply sliding these shoes on makes my feet feel wrapped up in a ballerina’s slipper.  I do like that my feet are not bolstered up by all sorts of technology or cushioning.  Even walking around in my Skora Form shoes, I could get a good sense of the ground beneath me.  Something I like about this shoe is how it feels when it makes contact to the ground.  I can feel the protection that my feet have from the ground as well as the freedom from distraction that some running shoes have due to too many gadgets or layers.  The Skora Form Running shoe allows my feet and legs to engage with more efficiency.  My calf muscles get a great workout each time I run in these shoes.

skora form runningWhen I run in these shoes, I go for about 5 or 6 miles.  After running in them I noticed various parts of my legs working differently or more intensely.  A positive quality about this is that it brought more awareness to my biomechanical alignment and any imbalances I have in my knees and ankles.  The only down side was that after the run I was sore, but in a good way.  I was sore in spots that made me realize I need to stretch more in certain areas like my ITB and quads as well as strengthen certain areas.  There are other shoes that I wear sometimes that offer cushioning and have various layers of technology and I find that I don’t engage my leg muscles nearly as much.  Sometimes that is a good thing when my joints and legs need a “softer or easier” run.  I wear those shoes on my recovery days.  When I want a thorough run and want to feel my body work efficiently and focus on strengthening my leg muscles then I am sure to slide on my Skora Form Running shoes.  *Now keep in mind, I’m a fairly new runner not even 1000 running miles under my belt.  I have however run in a variety of running shoes spanning from thick and cushioned shoes to minimal five finger shoes.  I like to change up and rotate my shoes throughout the week and constantly challenge my feet and legs and entire body so they don’t get too used to one type or style. Skora on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays.  Other shoe brand / style on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Five finger style on Saturdays and Sundays god willing I’m gonna SKORA again : )  I will say though that I’m always happy when I put on my Skoras. Even just wearing them around the house makes me smile.  They are comfortable, sleek and of high quality.

run realSkora Form Running Shoes for Premium Performance:

Like I said from above, the Skora Form running shoes are for Performance.  If your running experience in Skora shoes is anything like mine, you will feel your body perform and engage while on the run.

  • Zero drop  outsole / midsole with minimal cushioning.
  • 9mm stack height platform for groundfeel.
  • Full leather upper of “Pittards Goatskin leather”
  • Asymmetrical lacing and no tongue for that glovelike fit.
  • simple white with splash of pink and blue. They also have other colors.

The Skora Form Running Shoes are an attractive, comfortable and efficient running shoe.  Check out their website to learn more about their philosophy and products.

The Skora Form Running shoes  go for $185.00  A worthy investment to becoming a stronger runner!


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