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The Simple Heart Cure Chanucey Crandall 90 Day ProgramRecently my brother Dr. Chauncey Crandall published another book called The Simple Heart Cure.  Randy as I call him, is my oldest brother.  My mom and dad had 4 boys, me being the youngest of the bunch.  There is a 7 year difference between myself and my next older brother Mike.  My other brother Steve was born 2 years after Randy and is 2 years older than Mike.  You may be thinking hmmm 2 year difference between the 3 brothers and then a 7 year laps, hmmm.  Well we will never really know if I was a happy mistake or a planned one, but suffice to say I am here now writing this article.

Ok so enough with my lineage.  The Simple Heart Cure is a fantastic little book filled with great and insightful information on how to change your life for the better.  The book itself is a little over 200 pages, broken into 3 parts (Learn It, Treat It and Fix It) and contains 20+ chapters.  The first part of the book, (Learn It), goes into great detail about what heart disease is and what some of the common warning signs are.  The second part, (Treat It), talks about how to go about treating heart disease from tests you should have to ways one should go about unclogging their arteries.  The third part, (Fix It), talks about life changing ways everyone should live by.  Chapter 20 is my favorite part of the book, because that is where Randy talks about his 90 day plan to reverse heart disease.  He breaks this 90 day plan into a 12 week program.  Sounds simple enough, but you have to stick with the plan and be consistent in doing so.  I have seen plenty of people do 12 week plans, to only falter and go back to their old ways within just a few short weeks.  To see results, sometimes dramatic results, you need to stick with it.  If you have support group, let them know what your doing and let them help you succeed.  By doing so, you will not only help yourself, you may entice others to do the same.  The program really doesn’t stop after 12 weeks, it’s a life long journey to being healthy and living healthier.

Many people today are walking time bombs, never realizing that they are unhealthy until it’s too late.  My brother Randy was like this.  Outwardly he didn’t appear to be in bad health, but appearance can certainly fool you.  He was in fact one of those ticking time bombs he talks about in his book.  Lucky for him, his condition of heart disease and the heart disease conditions he writes about were caught in time.

At the age of 48, which just so happens to be my age today, and with no major risk factors, Randy found himself in the ER with a blockage of his main coronary artery.  This was sort of a wake up call in a big way.  After recovering from surgery Randy began a quest for a healthy lifestyle and in doing so, developed a proven strategy for combating heart disease.  11 years later, he is living proof that his strategy not only worked, but has worked for countless patients he has worked with.

The main theme of the book is to adopt healthy lifestyle choices, so you don’t find yourself in a hospital bed or worse yet, a morgue.  Graveyards are filled with people who didn’t realize that the life they were leading would be the main cause for their deaths.  The book details a 90-Day Program to Stop and Reverse Heart Disease.  What the book describes are reasons why people get heart disease and ways to prevent it.  Randy describes some of the risk factors and ways to prevent them.  The book also gives hope for the thousands of people who have heart disease or are on the verge of having it and are looking for a clear path forward.

It really boils down to this.  Living healthy is a way of life.  Those who embrace this philosophy, will undoubtedly live longer healthier lives.  Randy does add a little caveat to this healthy living.  Too many people get so caught up in living a healthy lifestyle, that they can sometimes forget that life isn’t just about being so strict you can’t have fun too.  I think the rule that applies here is moderation.  When you do go off and eat or drink something unhealthy, just keep it in moderation and have fun.  You are only here once, so make the best of it and enjoy your life.

If you like this book and I am sure you will, you might also want to check out Randy’s other book called Raising the Dead: A Doctor Encounters the Miraculous.

To find out more about my brother, Dr Chauncey Crandall, you can visit his website.

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