Running Coach Services

Kathleen Hilker 3Tom Crandall Finishing A Triathlon

Running Coach

Looking for an online coach to take you to the next level in performance?  Well Kathleen and I are here to help.

Kathleen Crandall specializes in Pilates to strengthen and engage your core, nutrition to fuel you and Yoga to stretch you out.

I (Tom Crandall) have over 32 years experience in racing events from 1 mile races to 100 mile adventures.  I have participated in just about every endurance sport including 5 Ironmans and 1 Ultra 100 mile foot race.  If you are looking to take your racing to the next level or just want to compete in your first race, we can help.

Individualized Training Programs

Whether you are a new runner or are in training mode for your next ultimate race, we have the program for you. Our training programs are 100% personalized and designed to help you achieve your running goals.   We utilize a realistic goal setting approach that is a key component to keep you staying injury free and maximize your true potential.

Whether your race is a 5k, 10k, or marathon, our individualized programs will not only get you to the starting line, but give you the confidence to push yourself beyond what you think you’re capable of.   We will be here to serve as your mentors and guide you along the way.

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