Rudy Project Firebolt Review


As you may or may not know, Rudy Project graciously sent us some of their top performing glasses to review this year, including the Rudy Project Agon, Rydon and the Firebolt.  We weren’t exactly sure about the Firebolt.  They looked good, but it’s hard to compete against the Agon and Rydon.

Our glasses came equipped with the Multilaser Orange Lens.  These lenses are said to allow 21% Light Transmission, meaning they are good for daylight activities, but aren’t good for night time fun.   The lenses are excellent for bright occasions, but they would not be my choice for mixed lighting.  The multilayer lenses show fingerprints more than the Agon’s Photo Clear or the Rydon’s Photo Reds.  This will mean you will need to clean your glasses a little more often.

Rudy Project Firebolt Review

The first thing you will notice about the Firebolt is the weight or lack of weight.  Weighting at only 9 ounces (26 grams), this sucker is light.  We are talking feather light, almost in the category of ridiculousness light.

The glasses are what’s called full frame or full rim, meaning the frame surrounds the whole lens.  The lenses are also interchangeable, which is handy for those who like to have multiple lenses.  The lenses simply pop out from the front of the glasses and then pop back in for a quick change.

So what exactly do you get when you purchase the Firebolt?  How about a 2 year warranty for starters and a microfiber glass case.

Rudy Project Firebolt Glasses Review 1

While the microfiber casing is useful, I would opt for a hard case instead.  Ease of mind is always a concern when owning a pair of nice sunglasses and a hard case usually wins out over something softer.  Still the microfiber casing is rather unique and for someone looking reduce weight and minimize space, this might be just what you’re looking for.

Rudy Project Firebolt Lens Cover

Rudy uses their patented “Integrated Air Conditioning” system to vent air through the glasses.  This air flow helps prevent fog ups and keeps your face a little cooler.

Rudy Project Firebolt Lens vents

The glasses come with Rudy’s adjustable Ergo IV nose piece, allowing you to adjust the fit based on your nose and preference.

Rudy Project Firebolt Nose Piece

The Firebolt is a full frame set of glasses, unlike the Agon and Rydon, which are partial frame.  Is there an advantage?  People seem to opt for the partial frame glasses to increase field of view.  Full frame glasses seem to offer a bit more lens protection.  To me, there really isn’t a noticeable difference between the two types, it seems more of a fashion statement or should I say, your fashion statement.

Here is the Firbolt along with the Agon.  I have worn and tested both and find them excellent.

Rudy Project Firebolt Sun Glasses Review

The big difference between the Agon, Rydon and Firebolt for some will be price point.  The Firebolt retails for $174.99 vs $299.99.  That can be a huge deciding factor for those who prefer not to spend as much.  In our opinion which ever Rudy you choose, you will not be disappointed.  Since all these glasses allow for additional lens choices, you can always buy more lenses to suit your needs and lighting conditions.

I did find myself gravitating towards the Firebolt’s Multilaser Orange Lens capabilities when it was really bright outside.  That extra light blockage certainly made it easier on the eyes.

Check out Rudy Project’s website for the Firebolt and all the other cool stuff they make.

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