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Rolo Board Balance BoardsRolo Board – More bang for your buck

The Rolo Board was designed by David Moser with one thing in mind and that was to provide

Rolo Board Long Roller

the broadest

balance board action possible. Using his unique multi-fulcrum design, David developed a board

that was multifunctional.  Utilizing two different size rollers, each roller provides a unique and distinct set of movements and ride characteristics that challenge balancing skills and develop muscle memory.

Every deck of the Rolo Board is hand made out of Hard Rock Maple wood, which happens to be the wood of choice for many of the top line skateboard makers.  It’s the high strength to weight ratio that makes Maple wood ideal for skateboard decks.  After each board is hand made, the decks are top coated with a glossy finish and topped off with a clear non-skid resin-grit for traction.

Two Rollers – Two Distinct Ways To Balance

When you purchase a Rolo Board, the board comes equipped with a Long Roller and a Short Roller.Rolo Board Short Roller

  • Long Roller -The long roller allows a toe-to-heel movement that is a similar motion to snowboarding, surfing, skiing depending on how you place your feet.
  • Short Roller – The short roller allows a rocking motion where you can twist, and spin simultaneously while rocking the board.  This rocking motion is a sure way to improve your riding skills for any type of sport.

Here is a great video showcasing the Rolo Board and the various moves that can be performed on it.

Rolo Board – Overview

Our Rolo Board arrived neatly packed in a pretty much bomb proof box (Kudos to Rolo Board).  It comes fully gripped and ready to go.  You have the option of choosing the short or long roller when starting off.  Once a roller is chosen, it is placed underneath the board in either a lengthwise position (Long Roller) or width-wise position (Short Roller).  The rollers fit snugly into the boards cutout section with each side having “stoppers” to prevent the roller for sliding out.

The deck is 33″ by 10″, which is much bigger than we had envisioned.  The rollers look very durable, made from black injection molded plastic with side decals of the Rolo Board logo.

Be advised, when first attempting to use the longer roller, wipe outs can occur.  Lucky for us it didn’t happen, but since most of the balance boards we tested don’t have a lengthwise roller, we weren’t really sure how to balance on it at first.  Of course with a little practice we were balancing fools…ah…ah…I mean we really crushed it.

Since Rolo Boards come prepackaged with 2 types of rollers, it really does allows you to experience two ways of balancing.  We found beginners may really be apprehensive using the long roller.  Since the travel is shorter underneath the board, you reach the “Stoppers” much faster.  When this happens the board whips down pretty fast and really throws your balance off if you’re not expecting it.  As you become more adept and your confidence rises you learn to better control your body and prevent the hard slap from occurring.

The short roller reacts in the same way as many other balance boards do.  The injection molded roller is very sturdy and provides plenty of maneuverability.  The rollers are best used on hard surfaces or carpet.  Using them on cement will certainly work, but may scuff them up a bit.  A better option for outdoors is to use a mat or plywood as the riding surface.

Color Selection

Rolo Boards come in basic colors like black (Ebony) red (Fire Red) and blue (Ocean Blue), but also some more radical colors as well.

Rolo Board lineup


  • Rolo Board packages retail for $129.99, which include the long roller, short roller and deck.  Additional decks and rollers can also be purchase separately, but the best deal is the combine package.
  • Deck length is 33″ by 10″
  • Decks are made from Hard Rock Maple topped off with a glossy finish and clear non-skid resin-grit surface.

Overall we think that the Rolo Board is a fantastic deal for those looking for value and versatility.  It does everything a balance board should do and provides a very stable platform to do it on.

We have received quite a few balance boards in the last 2 months and we will be doing a balance board shootout, comparing all the top brand balance boards.  Of course Rolo Board will be in the mix, so be sure to check us out for more info.  For now check out our Top 10 Balance Board Review for an overview on what is out there.

To get all the lowdown on the Rolo Board line, be sure to checkout their website.

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