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Roll Recovery R8Every now and again you come across a company that really blows you away and is really innovative.  Roll Recovery is one such company.  Everything from their presentation to their unique product was top notch.  With a budget that I can only imagine is a fraction of the big guns, they have managed to stand out in a big way.  From outstanding graphics to innovative ideas, Roll Recovery is here to stay.

At “The Running Event” this year in Austin, Texas, Roll Recovery was there showcasing their Roll Recovery R8.  The R8 is the massage tool that you have never seen.  It just drips of innovation and something that is often lacking in the U.S., pure entrepreneur marketing genius.  Back in the late 1800’s – 40’s the U.S. was a melting pot of inventors who came here looking for the American dream and an idea.  Roll Recovery to us is just one of those companies who is so far ahead of it’s time.  With only one product to their name, they have the look of a seasoned company.

Roll Recovery was founded by Jeremy Nelson in Boulder, Colorado, with an emphasis on designing and building revolutionary products to help athletes recover faster and perform better.  Jeremy holds degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Product Creation.  He frequently draws off the expertise of his wife Adriana and her experience as a top professional runner and degree in Kinesiology, as well as all the elite athletes, therapists, friends and mentors that have influenced the design of the R8.

Massage tools, be it a stick, a roller or other device are built on the notion that to flush out lactic acid, manipulate triggerRoll Recovery R8, Kathleen Hilker, Jeremy & Adriana Nelson points, increase blood flow and reduce recovery time and prevents injury.  The Roll Recovery R8 accomplishes this by using 4 sets of soft polyurethane roller blade type wheels and tension provided by torsion springs and Zytel thermoplastic resistance arms.

Think of the Roll Recovery R8 as an advanced vice grip that adjusts tension as you roll through trigger points and tight spots.

The benefits of the Roll Recovery R8 might not be as obvious at first glance, but a lot of engineering and testing went into it.  With the R8 you don’t need to roll around on the floor using a roller, which means you can use it just about anywhere, including work.  The R8 comes with 4 main gripping points which allow you to add or reduce pressure as needed.

Another main advantage of the R8 over every massage product we have ever tried is you can work both sides of the leg, arm, back or any other location that the rollers can open to.  This means the R8 actually will cut massage time in half.

Lastly the R8 is much shorter than most massage sticks and will not get flagged as a weapon at the airport.  Something to think about the next time you go traveling by plane.

Here are some earlier concepts of what is now called the Roll Recovery R8.


Go to the Roll Recovery website for more information on the R8.

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