Raw Cheese If You Please!


raw cheeseRaw Cheese If you Please!

Are you a CHEESE eater?  Are you a cheese LOVER OR a Cheese Hater? You’ve been told that it’s no good for you!  It’s fattening and it makes you produce more phlegm!  Have you tested it out for yourself?  Have you compared RAW cheese to all those OTHER cheeses?

I appreciate cheese.  It’s taken me a long time to confidently say that.  As a child, I despised cheese.  The texture was just WEIRD to me.  Skinny flaps of orange colored Kraft cheese wrapped into a plastic pocket really scared me!  Melted grilled cheese sandwiches made me squirm.  I won’t even talk about Cheez Whiz. And Cheese dogs!  Forget it!  How on earth did the cheese get in there?  I was given a cheese dog once as a young child and my babysitter didn’t know what was happening to me as I screamed bloody murder.  My dad had to come and get me and when he asked me what was the matter, I shrunk down in shyness and confessed, “My hotdog had CHEESE in it.”

After the cheese dog trauma incident, I picked myself back up and I found my will to try new things.  Eventually, I discovered REAL Cheese.  Mature and adult cheese.  Quality Cheese.  Gruyere Cheese, Feta Cheese, Mozzarella, Raw Goat cheese and of course: cheese cake, wine and cheese and cheese and grapes  : )   I could eat these cheeses all day; except I started to gain undesired weight and even more undesirable, a phlegmy throat along with stubborn digestion.

Risks of Eating NON – Raw Cheese:

  • Lactose intolerance
  • Weight Gain
  • Dairy Allergy
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Exposure to harmful chemicals (what chemicals have the dairy cow ingested or been exposed to???)
  • Cardiovascular disorders (high fats that tend to clog arteries)
  • Constipation (high fats and no fiber can lead to clogged pipes)
  • Acne (saturated fats and trans fats can increase sebum production in the glands)

* Are the cheeses you’re eating organic and raw cheese???  If they are, these above symptoms might not arise!

WAIT!!!! Don’t cut the cheese… Just yet:

Raw Cheese: What is it? ~ 

Well, There’s pasteurized and Unpasteurized.

raw cheesePasteurized is the process where the dairy is heated at a temperature where bacteria such as e – coli, salmonella and liseria are killed. Not only are these bad bacteria killed, but so are the Good bacteria!  The FDA requires that dairy be heated to kill these harmful bacteria so to decrease risk of infectious disease.

Unpasteurized dairy is not treated or heated.  The bacteria (the GOOD bacteria that we all hear about when we are told to get our probiotics) are alive and thriving in raw and unpasteurized dairy products.  The FDA does not allow unpasteurized cheese in the USA unless the raw cheese has been aged for a minimum of 6 months.

In addition to being “unpasteurized”, raw cheese comes from dairy animals that are grass fed rather than contained in a small feeding area and limited to eating a genetically modified grain diet of corn and soy.  When the dairy animal eats its natural diet of grass, it’s body and the milk it produces is more pure and contains more nutrients such as B vitamins, C and a healthy dose of Omegas as well as CLA which is a powerful cancer fighter.

Benefits of Raw Cheese:

*It has been reported and researched that consuming raw cheese and milk may lower some symptoms of allergies such as asthma, eczema and hay fever.  That is not to say that consuming raw cheese and dairy products will improve your allergies; but rather they show better results than cheeses that are not raw.

*Because raw cheese still contains healthy bacteria; these “good guys”  help out in the digestive tract and combat undesirable pathogens.

*The enzymes found in raw milk and cheese make it easier to digest.  Whereas, when the milk and cheese is Pasteurized, these enzymes are destroyed, thus some of us get upset stomachs and lactose intolerance.

For further information check out this site on Raw Cheese And go to your local farmers markets and talk with your farmers to find out if they pasteurize or not.  Try out a variety of raw cheese brands and see for yourself!  Thank goodness cheese isn’t all that bad : )




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