prAna Revolution Natural Sticky Mat


prAna Revolution Natural Sticky Mat

prAna Revolution Natural Sticky MatThe biodegradable prAna Revolution Yoga Mat also known as the Revolution Natural Sticky Mat is as innovative as it is easy on the environment. Its unique dimension (30″ wide) and dual-scrim construction provide an incredibly stable and firm practice surface.  For those looking for a eco-friendly/earth-friendly greener mat, the prAna Revolution Natural Sticky Mat is made without toxic glues and almost entirely of natural rubber.  The mat is heat-laminated for added durability.

The first known sticky mat was used in 1982 by Angela Farmer who found a roll of carpet padding during a visit to Germany.  She cut a section of it and then took it to a yoga class and found it to be a wonderful solution to her slipping on the floor, especially during Iyengar Yoga, which emphasizes standing poses.  Angela’s father Richard contacted a padding manufacturer and they soon became the first of the “sticky mat” retailers.

For the last 20 years, sticky mats have remained virtually the same dimensions, roughly 74-76″ long by 24-26″ wide.  The prAna Revolution Natural Sticky Mat changed the equation by making a mat that is not only longer, but also much wider (30″).  The extra width provides students with a platform to allow better alignment and improved support for certain yoga including Asana yoga and Anusara yoga.

PrAna Natual Stick Mat ColorsThe prAna Revolution Natural Sticky Mat comes in 4 color choices (Tea, Black, Blue and Orange).  The orange color is a little deceiving.  It’s more of a sandy earthy color to me than a true orange.   The mat retails for $90 and can be purchased directly from prAna or through stores that carry the prAna yoga line.  The mat dimensions are 78″ (198cm) Long x 30″ (76cm) Wide x 4mm Thick.  When purchasing the Revolution mat, you may want to also pick up the Revolution bag, since you will find most other yoga bags too short.

Most quality yoga mats have a single scrim that is sandwiched between the top and bottom layer of a yoga mat.  A scrim is a mesh material, usually made of cotton, that gives the mat it’s structural integrity. Because yoga mat materials are often stretchy, they need a scrim to keep them from moving around under your feet and hands.  A mat without a scrim would move laterally under the pressure of poses, especially in a wide stance like warrior 1 or downward dog.

The Revolution Yoga Mat is the only mat I know of that has 2 scrim layers sandwiched between 3 mat layers. The practice surface is extremely stable and lays out super flat because of the integrity of the 2 scrims. Also, It is made of natural rubber which provides excellent grip.

Key Features

  • Innovative in its dimensions (30″ wide), composition and design
  • The unique dual-scrim construction provides an incredibly stable and firm practice surface
  • Heat laminated
  • No toxic glues
  • Biodegradable Rubber; Dim: 78″ (198cm) Long x 30″ (76cm) Wide x 4mm Thick

prAna Revolution Mat HolderSince the prAna Revolution Natural Sticky Mat is much wider than traditional mats, as stated above, you will find most yoga bags are too short.  Luckily prAna also created the smart looking Revolution Mat Holder.  The Mat bag retails for $50.  It is custom made to fit the wider Revolution Mat, features a wider strap with side and a front pockets for holding essentials.  The bag has both top loading and side zip entry for easy packing options.  The Revolution bag is made out of 100% cotton.

Overall Impression

prAnaI really think prAna has a winner with the Revolution Natural Sticky Mat.  The mat is on the high end side as far as price goes (retail $90), but looks to be a mat that will stand up to both time and usage.   What really sets this mat apart from any other mat I have seen and used thus far is the width.  The Revolution is not only a great yoga mat, but it is perfect for at home workouts like P90X or  Having the additional 2-4 inches on each side means your hands and feet don’t have to stay within the boundaries of traditional yoga mats.  The mat’s sticky surface gives you more confidence and certainly helps eliminate slippage.  The dual-scrim construction really gives a nice cushy platform to stretch or workout on.

So just don’t sit there, go to prAna’s website and check out their prAna Revolution Natural Sticky Mat for yourself.


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Totally into multi-sports including triathlon, swimming, cycling, running skating and movement in general. Love to trail run and hang outdoors.


  1. Jason Baldwin on

    As bigger than average guy who does yoga, this mat is amazing because it fits. You wouldn’t spend two hours running in shoes that are too small, so why would spend two hours on a mat thats too small? Instead of spending time focusing on not winding up partially off my mat I now focus on bandas and breath. That is what it is all about right?

    I would say this mat is a must for anyone who is 5’9″+ or who has a wider than average shoulder girdle.

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