Prana E.C.O Mat and Piggyback Mat Strap


Prana E.C.O Mat and Piggyback Mat Strap

Prana E.C.O Mat and Piggyback Mat Strap.

These two products from Prana come in quite handy for anyone who likes to travel light. This past summer I had been biking around to various parks to practice yoga with friends.  I had been using the Neo Natural Prana Yoga mat which is rather heavy (for me) for carrying over my shoulders as I bike around the city.  Though the Neo Prana mat is durable and great for vigorous workouts, I was curious to try out the Prana E.C.O Mat and Piggyback Mat Strap.  I’m a fan of it’s lightness.  The strap is easy to use and there is no need for an extra carry case.  I admit, the bright coral color was another allure to this mat.  There are other color options to choose from if Coral Sunset isn’t your thing, including Espresso Dijon (brown), Lime Lake (yellow), and Black Vapor (black).

As far as durability, I have to say that the Neo Prana Yoga mat gets a higher ratings from me.  That is not to say that the E.C.O Mat is not as great a choice; but if you are looking for a strong mat that will endure a hard workout and provide solid grip I would recommend the Neo Natrual mat first.  If your workout is not as strenuous and you want to lighten your load, then the Prana E.C.O Mat and Strap is a great choice!

The Piggyback Mat Strap is simple!  It allows you to wrap it directly around the ends of your yoga mat.  It is also adjustable to all size s/ thickness of mats.

Visit Prana for more info on how to order your Prana E.C.O Mat and Piggyback Mat Strap.




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