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Last December I spoke with Gregor Ruthven who was demonstrating a Plantar Faciitis Solution or what they call the PF Solution.  I was really intrigued with what he had to offer and so he set me up with a sample kit.

Plantar Faciitis is a really nagging issue, especially runners.  You can run for many years and without a single occurrence and then all of a sudden you have a sharp pain in your heel when you step out of bed.  I have had plantar faciitis 2 times in my life.  The first time it lasted a month and went away.  The second time, it hit me in one foot and then proceeded to get me in both feet.  It’s has lasted now over a year and I can not seem to shake it.

For some people plantar faciitis is absolutely debilitating, making simply walking a torturous task.  For me it really only effects my first few steps out of bed.  After that I can usually run without pain or any feeling of discomfort.  I suppose I am lucky.

The PF Solution package is a 2-part orthotic system.  The first part is a shoe insert or insole, which helps to stabilize the foot and also provide arch support.  It is designed to solve the long-term causes through flexible arch support and premium heel cushioning.  The second part, which happens to be my favorite part, is a foot wrap or arch bands.  It essentially provides immediate relief to the arch by supporting the pf tissue through compression.  Out of the 2 components, I am always using the Foot Wrap after a run.  The compression really seems to work and seems to make my foot feel great.  You can wear the wrap all day long without it feeling too tight or restrictive.  I am not as sold on the shoe insole.  I certainly think it works as designed, but I have used other insoles that seem to work just as good.  That said, the combination of the 2 seems to work wonders for a person who is having plantar faciitis issues.

PF Solution Overview

 The Fly Insoles

  • Copper Topcover reduces friction and is knitted with anti-microbial copper fibers to keep your insoles smelling fresh.
  • Luna Foam is 50% softer than other insoles to reduce shock and displace pressure across the foot.
  • Molded Heel Cup improves fit and helps to spread pressure more evenly across the heel.
  • Flexible Arch Support moves with you by compressing on landing and rebounding on takeoff.

The Foot Wrap / Arch Bands

  • Micro-Fleece texture is always comfortable with socks or when barefoot.
  • Tech-Stretch™ is a patented, triple-laminated fabric that is stretchy, breathable and long-lasting.
  • Zero Stitching against the foot increases comfort by reducing chafing and blisters.
  • Adjustable Compression allows you to customize your comfort through super-thin velcro that anyone can use.

PF Solutions sells the Arch Bands for $29.95 and IMO every runner should have at least one set.  Your feet will love you.  Putting these on after a run or when walking about town brings a lot of relief.  I did find they are not really designed for flip flops as the flip flop motion seems to make them slip.  Many people may opt to have these in their shoes when running, but my preference is to use them after a run.

The full PF Solution package retails for $69.95 and I feel for the price, it is a great setup for anyone suffering from Plantar Faciitis or those who feel it might be coming on.

Check out PF Solution and their website for more information.


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