Parallettes Aren’t Just For Gymnasts


Parallettes Torque Power Rails by Torque Athletic

Parallettes Body Weight Exercise Gold

I am always on the lookout for interesting fitness devices and I recently came across a set of Parallettes.  Unless your into gymnastics or have access to a gymnastic gym, you probably have never run across them.  They are used to perform body weight exercises including pushups, L-seats, and handstand  and are an indispensable piece of training equipment for the budding gymnast. Parallettes are a scaled-down version of the gymnastics parallel bars.

Common Parallettes Myths

  • Myth #1: Only strong people can use them.  It is true that there are many exercises where a person needs to have strength, but there are many exercises where balance and coordination are more important.
  • Myth #2: Using them is just an easy way to do pushups.  The bars actually allow for much greater range of motion and take some of the stress off of the wrist.
  • Myth #3: There’re just fancy pushup bars.  Parallettes are much more than pushup bars and are much more versatile.
  • Myth #4: Only gymnasts use them.  Anyone looking to increase strength, coordination, and balance would be wise to check these out.

Using just your body weight and the parallettes, you can see incredible strength gain and development. As your strength increases, more difficult routines can be introduced adding to your overall strength, coordination and balance.

Buying Parallettes

Although parallettes can be purchased from various commercial sources, they are relatively easy to build using commonly available materials such as PVC pipe. Consequently, you will often see home made versions rather than manufactured ones.  I am not sure I would trust PVC piping though and would probably opt for ones made out of hard wood.

Rogue Fitness Parallettes – $87 – $95 depending on model
Torque Athletic Power Rails – $125 – $145 depending on model.  The Power Rails look like to be about the best out there and look like they will last a life time.  Odis Meredith, the owner is serious about quality and his products are made in the USA.

Check out for some great information and videos.

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