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OBX Longboard-N it

There are longboards and then there are really long boards.  The OBX Longboard by Surfzone is of the latter.  This board is a full 72″ long.  Let that sink in for a while.  Yep a full 6 feet of pure fun.

OBX Longboard Lowdown

  • 72″ by 14″ boards available in tiger-striped bamboo (shown on left), caramelized bamboo, natural bamboo, and classic surfboard stripes on Baltic Birch. (check out more photos on our Facebook page)
  • Original S8 200 mm torsion trucks
  • 83mm cored wheels, with an upgrade to ABEC11 83mm or 90mm flywheels available.
  • Amphetamine ABEC7 premium stainless steel bearings
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Clear glossy marine deck grip
  • Each OBX Longboard is proudly made by hand right here on the Outer Banks of NC.

What makes the OBX Longboard really stand out is it’s length.  Most long boards don’t come close and therefore fall short of something quite unique.  The length does come with a little downside and that is dealing with transporting the sucker.  The longboard simply will not fit in your average car, so just like a surfboard, you will need a roof rack or something similar for transportation should the need arise.

James the owner of Surfzone, which happens to be located in the East Coast surf mecca of the Outer Banks, is really passionate about surfing and designing cool skateboards that replicate on land what you can do in the water.  If the roads are wet and surfing isn’t an option, he also sells a Surfzone Balance Trainer allowing you to work on your form and strengthening your core.

The OBX Boards come in a really nice looking Bamboo ($450.00) or Painted Classics ($650.00).  The Classics look like something out of the 50’s with a really cool vibe to them.  We opted for both versions so that we could see how they looked.  No surprise, but they both looked awesome.  If I had to choose my favorite though, I would choose the painted classic version.   It is a great looking blue with wide white stripes going down the length of the board.

The board’s S8 200 mm torsion trucks seem to do their job.  They have a spring mechanism that Kathleen Crandall OBX Longboard Surfzoneacts like a small shock, which absorbs a little road vibration (I think).  It also allows you to really lean into the board when turning, which sort of surprised us.  I mean you really can carve a turn with it.

The boards provide an ample platform on which to stand.  The 72″ by 14″ gives you plenty of space to move around and play with your foot work.  It wasn’t apparent to us, but after shooting video, we realized the boards also have quite a lot of flex to them, which may help reduce road shock.

The 83mm wheels seem to do their job.  We were a little hesitant about things like small rocks and minor road debris (sand/dirt) throwing us off the board, but the boards just cruise right through them.  Having the longer wheelbase really helps keep the board from being twitchy.

OBX Wheel Bearings

Wheel BearingsWe didn’t know much about bearings, those small ball bearings that help make the wheels spin.  Our boards came with ABEC7 rated bearings, which represents the bearing precision at time of manufacture.  ABEC1 is considered the lowest rating and ABEC11 the highest. The higher the rating the less friction is created when rolling and ultimately equates to a longer life span and faster speeds.  While the ABEC7, isn’t the highest grade, it certainly is high enough for the speeds we roll at and is a good enough for these boards.  James of course doesn’t want to let speed freaks down, so he does offer the highest rated bearings ABEC11.  Doing some quick research on Bearings we discovered that besides ABEC ratings there is also a Swiss scale, which used to be the ultimate in bearings.  Since the introduction of ABEC11s it’s pretty much a tossup between those and Swiss.  In any case either option is going to be fast.

The Wheels Go Round And Round

The OBX Longboards come with 83mm wheels, but you do have the options to upgrade them to 90mm. From our experience using our K2 Inline Skates, we know that the larger the wheel, the generally faster it is. A 90mm wheel should definitely make the boards a little more speedy. Combine that with the ABEC11 bearings and you have yourself one fast longboard. We may look into this option at some point, but for now our 83mm ABEC7 setup seems just fine.

Kahuna Big Stick

To add some excitement to the OBX longboard lineup, Surfzone also has Kahuna Big Sticks($69 to $149).  The Big Sticks allow you to surf the streets and provide you with an amazing upper body workout as you paddle your way down the pavement.  Each wooden stick comes with a rubber blade (ours looks more like two donuts side by side) that enable the user to push off the payment for propulsion.  These blades can also be used as a stopping mechanism should the need arise.  Actually they are more useful for slowing down rather than actually stopping.  If you love to Paddle board, you will really love being able to do the same thing out of the water.

Bottom Line

If you want a crazy fun workout and don’t mind getting looks from people wondering what the heck you’re doing, then you need to get an OBX Longboard.

Find out all about the OBX Longboards at Surfzone.

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