Oakley JAWBONE Sunglasses


Oakley Jawbone – Wicked Good Glasses.

The fusion of Switchlock Technology™ and High-Definition Optics makes the Oakley JAWBONE Sunglasses  as advanced in practicality as it is in design.

Until now, sunglasses have mostly been at the mercy of Mother Nature. When the sun Oakely Jawbonewent down or became obscured by dark clouds, you’d have to take them off. But thanks to JAWBONE and its patented Switchlock Technology™, you can quickly and easily change lenses to combat whatever nature throws at you.

When you pick up a pair of Jawbones, you immediately notice the difference. There’s a well-camouflaged hinge that can be released simply by flipping up the nose pads and opening the “jaw”. From there, the lenses slide right out and right back in again. It’s so simple that you don’t even have to stop pedaling to change your lenses. So when the clouds roll in and start to rain on your ride, you can pop in your Hydrophobic lenses on the fly and keep on rolling.

Each frame comes with an Oakley Nano-Clear Hydrophobic Mini-Pen, two interchangeable sizes of nose-piece, your choice of performance lens and a case for transport. Also included is a second lens for alternate light conditions (does not apply to photochromic styles).

Oakley Jawbone Atomic OrangeAfter giving these glasses a good road test, I feel that they are probably the best cycling glasses I have worn. The glasses themselves fit really close to the face, which some people may or may not like.  If you have a wide face and/or a wide nose, these may not fit your face correctly, so it is best to try them on before purchasing them.

The ones I selected were the Atomic Orange/Fire Iridium Vented/Persimmon.  At $200 they are certainly pricy, but they are also going to be some of the best glasses you can get.  Lenses are super easy to change out with Oakley’s unique quick change technology called Switchlock.

They have designed air vents in each lens, 2 lower and 3 upper vents, which lets the air flow in, but not so much as to get into your eyes or dry them out.  I have a high sweat rate and the glasses seemed to help channel some of the sweat away from my eyes.  Having the glasses closer to the face also probably eliminated some sweat from dripping down behind the glasses.

I found the Oakley JAWBONE Fire Iridium lenses did show fingerprints quite easily and needed a cloth to clean them off.  That said, Oakley lenses are pretty amazing and the overall clarity you get when using them is superb.  Oakley has 4 main types of lenses, including standard (non vented), vented, polarized and photochromic.  The standard lenses are the least expensive and the photochromic are the most expensive.

Another bonus with the Oakley JAWBONE is it’s ability to not only mix and match lenses, Oakley Jawbonesbut also mix and match colors and fully customize your glasses.  There are a range of colors to choose from for each Frame, Thru Bolt, Jaw, Icons and Ear Socks.  So in my case, I have the upper color (Frame) being orange and the lower color (Jaw) being white, the bolt (Thru Bolt) being orange and the Oakley Logo (Icons) and rubber holders (Ear Socks) white.  If you go to Oakley’s website you can customize your JAWBONES online.  The build time is approximately 7-14 days after you submit your order.  This is just too cool.


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