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miracle ball method

Miracle Ball Method: You

Don’t need a Miracle to ease

your pain, just the Miracle


The Miracle Ball Method is healing program designed by Elaine Petrone. Recently, a Rolfer that I had been going to encouraged me to use Elaine Petrone’s Miracle balls. I had been a long time sufferer of sacro-illiac pain. My low back and left hip always fussed at me. Working as a Pilates teacher and as a massage therapist, I experimented with all sorts of healing modalities, strengthening exercises, and pain management techniques. I believe there is no one quick fix out there. There are multiple factors that contribute to our pain as well as multiple ways to address and unwind the pain. However, with that said; the Miracle Ball Method does seem to be quite effective. What I appreciate most about this method is the emphasis on breathing and the attention to “un-exercise”, or simply to stop trying to fix. With this method there is a “body formula: WEIGHT + BREATHING = RELEASE OF TENSION…You place your weight on the balls and feel your body give in to them and breathe fully.” Now, I’ve tried this before with other balls. Some firm and even quite hard such as golf balls or boading balls for those irritating trigger points. I’ve also used tennis balls, various sand filled yoga / weight balls, and pillows. Each of these tools has their own benefit. I’m excited about the Miracle Ball Method because it’s size and give are unique to all of the other balls I have tried out before. Usually I gravitate toward the very firm / hard balls for a precise focus to tight muscles. The Miracle Balls have a soft give and gradually, with the help of my breathing and gravity; the tension in my muscles begin to unwind. The harder balls are effective also, but the main difference is that the Miracle Balls do not incite pain like the harder ones can.

What you get when you purchase the Miracle Ball Method

miracle ball method Another really cool thing about the Miracle Ball Method is that with the purchase of the balls there is also a book that shows and explains how to use the balls for the entire body. It is helpful to read the first couple of chapters before beginning the exercises, or non-exercises. After that, it’s fine to skim through the pages and start with whichever part of your body that feels at most need for attention.
It’s quite amazing how such subtle practice with these tools can help release great tension.

Give Yourself Space to Slow Down and Breathe.

If you are interested in learning more on this product, check out Elain Petrone’s Miracle Ball Method website

Miracle Ball Method Pricing

The Miracle Ball Method balls and book retail for $17.95.  They also offer Cd’s and DVDs.


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