Medicine Balls


Here are our top 3 favorite non ball slam medicine balls.

dynamax medicine ballDynamax Inc is a Texas corporation founded in 1985 by coaches Bruce Evans and Jim Cawley. Dynamax specializes in making the best medicine balls anywhere in the world.  Hand crafted in the U.S., the balls are extremely popular in crossfit gyms, universities  and professional athlete training centers.  Dynamax currently produces two sizes of their Dynamax medicine balls (14″ and a smaller 10″ diameter).  You can order the balls in weight increments of 2lbs from 4lbs to 20lbs and 5lb increments from 20lb to 30lb.  You can also order the Dynamax medicine balls in a wide range of colors.  The medicine balls retail for $37-$54 for the 10 inch and $69-$139 for the 14″ depending on weight and color selection.

Rage_Medicine_BallFor over 35 years, the Rage Fitness Supply company has been a global leader in institutional gymnastics and functional fitness equipment. Gibson Athletic, RAGE’s parent company, knows how to manufacture and distribute the highest quality equipment. RAGE works with Olympians from around the world on a daily basis. They have over 180 dealers globally that represent their products. RAGE Fitness Supply is located in Denver , Colorado — The Mile High City.


Ugi BallUgi Ball is a modern twist on the old school medicine ball. It’s weighted, squishy and beautiful. The squish factor and it’s stylish design are what make it unique.

Medicine ball training is one of the oldest forms of strength and conditioning training.

And sense we are taking medicine balls here are some interesting Medicine Ball Workouts – 6 Great Exercises

If you want to try something a little different there is always the Bulgarian Training Bag, TACFIT Clubbells, CTS Clubbells and Indian Clubs.










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