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Tis the Season ~ Medicinal Drinks that keep you FRESH & FREE of Colds, Flu and Seasonal Blues. 

4…. ok…. 5 Good for you Drinks that can help you keep illness at bay or help knock it out of you.

These are some of my favorite medicinal drinks.  All of them have benefits of preventing or knocking out colds, keeping inflammation down and they taste pretty good too…although my husband might disagree on one or two of these drinks.  (Hot Toddy & Cayenne Garlic Mixture).

Tea with Fresh Ginger Medicinal Drinks

Pick any herbal tea and add fresh grated ginger to it.  Of course you could simply have warm water and fresh ginger.  Fresh ginger is great for clearing your system and keeping inflammation down.  If you have a stuffy nose, sore throat or feeling run down and cold, ginger can give some relief.  It is also known to help with indigestion.

ginger tea

Coconut Refresher

This coconut refresher is a nice one to have if you need to cool down a bit. The coconut water will keep this drink cool and refreshing, while the added cinnamon and pepper and vanilla give a little warmth to this fresh drink, and really, you only need a very tiny amount of each ingredient to add to your coconut water.  A little goes a LONG way. I added orange to it also for some zestiness. Ooops! The orange isn’t in the photo because it’s in my belly 🙂

Coco Drink

Coconut Refresher


Hot Toddyhottoddy Grandma’s Remedy

This hot toddy is grandma’s remedy.  There is alcohol and it’s strong alcohol, so use responsibly.  It’s intended for medicine and not for a party, but if that’s your thing, you can say it’s grandma recommended.  The hot toddy is a great home remedy when you have the flu or a fever and need help falling asleep and hope to sweat it out over night.  Make yourself a mug of hot water and add a half squeezed lemon, spoonful of honey, tablespoon or so of whiskey and herbal tea if you like.  Of course you can add fresh ginger, rosemary or thyme to the mixture as well.  Sip and enjoy before bedtime.  Relaxation, sleepiness and a good night sweat may be some helpful side effects!


Pepper Garlic Ginger: A Hot Bomb-diggity Drink

garlic & Pepper tea

Ok, this one is a touchy one!  My husband thinks it’s rather gross. Is it really normal to drink…  Cayenne or any spicy pepper and….  yep, garlic!  Just put them in the pot of hot water. You don’t have to eat the whole pieces.  Just let the aromas and flavors and all those good for you benefits seep into the water.  Add Lemon and or Honey to help it be more palatable for you if the pepper and garlic weird you out.  Really!  This one is a fantastic one to keep you warm on those bone chilling winter days.


Cranberry Delight

Dynamic-Health-Pure-Cranberry-Juice-Concentrate-790223100150This is the kind of cranberry juice I’m talking about! PURE. No sugars added.  Concentrated formula.  The bottles are smaller than your average family juice bottle and the cost is usually around $10.00.  It seems like a lot for the amount you get, but you only need a small dose.  I pour just 1 or 2 tablespoons of the cranberry juice into a glass and add water.  This dilutes the bitterness.  If that is still too bitter for you, add fresh squeezed orange.  This is a great beverage for the ladies and anyone with bladder or urinary issues.  It’s bound to give you a little zingy kickstart to your day.

INGREDIENTS to Have Within Reach:


Drink your daily water and depending on the season, the temperature or your needs, have fun mixing it up and creating your own concoctions.  General good ingredients to have on hand and stocked in your cabinet, garden, or fridge include:

Fresh Ginger Root


Cayenne or spicy pepper

Tumeric Root



Vanilla Extract


Lemons / Limes / Oranges

Other herbs: Rosemary, Thyme, Holy Basil

Cranberry Concentrate (Just Cranberry. NO sugar or any other additives)

Whiskey (for the Hot Toddy’s when you have it really bad and need to sweat it out)


May your season be nourished!!!  Drink to your Health 🙂










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