Manila Jump Rope


Manila Jump RopeManila Jumbo Jump Rope

There is something to be said about old school workouts and one of them of course is jumping rope.  We are not talking about the girlie ropes you probably used in school, these Manila jump ropes are the ones you probably used when playing tug of war.  Ropes with heft and ropes that are going to wear you out fast.

Want to get a jump rope that will give you a crazy hard workout, then you should check out the Manila ropes or what they are sometimes referred to as Manila jumbo jump ropes.  The manila rope, is a hardy, durable variety typically used in boating. Many hardware stores carry manila rope in various lengths and widths.  The recommended diameter is 2 inches, if two inches in diameter is too much, go for 1.5” instead. The Manila rope is especially heavy – a distinct advantage when you’re trying to get the best workout possible.  The Manila jump rope adds a lot of intensity to a jump rope workout by adding extra weight to your jump rope routine.

You can find Manila jump ropes online and many come standard with heavy duty vinyl end caps and a center friction guard to prevent fraying.

The table below shows recommended manila jump rope lengths based on height.

8 9 4’11” – 5’3″
9 10 5’4″ – 5’10”
10 11 5’11” and >



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