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MandukaManduka Black Mat Pro – The Ultimate Mat

The Manduka Black Mat Pro is one of the top rated yoga mats on the market today.  The company, Manduka, was founded on the simple idea that a better yoga mat could make a world of difference.

Manduka Black Mat Pro History

Over ten years ago, Peter Sterios, an architect turned yogi, discovered a simple, elegantly designed black mat whose combination of firm grip and complete support revolutionized his yoga practice. In honor of the yoga masters who inspired him, he sought to share this amazing product with others.

Manduka Black Mat Pro

The legendary Black Mat PRO (formerly known as the Black Mat) is celebrating 15 years as the world’s finest yoga mat. The Manduka Black Mat Pro is a top notch Yoga mat that puts most others to shame.  The Black Mat Pro is about 2-3 times as think as most traditional Yoga mats.  As far as we know and based on what we have seen, the Manduka is the thickest Yoga mat out there.

Manduka Black Mat ProThe retail price is $94, which might bring sticker shock to some, but if you want a yoga mat for life (It comes with a Lifetime Guarantee), you probably are not going to get a better one.  It’s has a superior non-slip fabric-like finish unlike many less expensive yoga mats.

Is there a downside to the mat?  Well IMO there are two.  If you want a light yoga mat, this isn’t going to be it.  The Pro weighs in at 7lbs, which doesn’t seem like a lot, but try toting that around town on a bike and you will realize 7lbs is more than you think.  The second downside, which really isn’t that big of a deal is color selection.  The base mat comes in black, which for most people is fine.  If you want other color options, Manduka does have limited edition colors including the Black Dragon (Red/Orange), Black Surf (Blue) and Black Magic (Purple).  Adding color does come with a increase price tag of $10 for the 71 inch ($104) and $18 for the 85 inch ($138).

Manduka also realized that people might want an even bigger mat, larger than 71″, so they created the Black Mat Pro 85, which translates into 85 inches vs 71.  This bigger mat weighs even more at 9.0 lbs.

Manduka Black Mat Pro Overview

  • 7.0 lbs; 71″ long; 26″ wide; 1/4″ thick
  • Zero-waste, sustainable yoga mat
  • Backed by a Lifetime Guarantee
  • Superior wear and longevity
  • Comfortably cushions spine, hips, knees, and elbows on hard floors
  • Slip resistant, yet non-sticky, even when wet from light perspiration
  • Provides stability on hard or soft surfaces
  • Oeko-Tex certified, emissions-free manufacturing
  • Available in two lengths, standard (71″) and long (85″)

Who is this mat for? The mat is for anyone who is a serious practitioner of yoga or someone who is looking for a mat that has a lot of cushioning.  The mat is also great for doing at home workouts such as P90X.

Would we recommend the Manduak Black Mat Pro?  Absolutely!  So often people skimp on quality for price.  With Yoga mats it’s no different, people often go for the cheaper model or brand, yet give them 6 months or a year and they end up having to replace theirs and spend even more money.  With the Black Mat Pro, buy it and forget about needing another mat ever.

Where To Get The Manduka Black Mat Pro

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