Lupine Piko TL Max – Cycling Light Review


Lupine Piko TL MaxLupine Piko TL Max is the “Apple” of the cycling light world.  This elegantly designed German engineered light is a truly beautiful piece of equipment.  At 750 lumen, the Lupine Piko TL Max is also one of the most powerful self contained LED lights I have tested.

The advantage of a self contained unit, is you can use it anywhere without having to worry about wires or other parts.  Basically the Lupine is your ultimate flashlight.   Whether your out hiking, walking the dog or reading a map, the Piko TL Max will be your friend indeed.

In 1991 the first Lupine was born.  Lupine has since become an international player, but their electronic components are still only ever developed and manufactured in Germany otherwise, they say they just wouldn’t be able to deliver to the quality standards they have set for themselves.

The Lupine Piko TL Max also allows you to adjust the light program settings on the fly.  A red indicator light flashes indicating what program option you have chosen.  Should you forget a particular program setting, the light conveniently has these displayed on the top of the unit.

Lupine uses Cree XP-G and Cree XM-L LEDs with the highest brightness of all LED´s in this category across the world, but the top models in terms of brightness also excels in efficiency and long life. Perfection in detail – each LED is finely adjusted in three dimensions by hand during the manufacturing process.

The Light uses a two beam pattern to produce really good coverage.  One of the LED’s is used as a spot, while the other is used as a flood.  Combined, you get both a wide and

At max output of 750 Lumen, the Lupine Piko TL Max battery lasts about 2 hours.  The battery indicator light will start to flash red at the top of the unit when the battery is running low.  Switching to a lower lumen setting will extend run time.  I found the low battery indicator light location perfect.  It is much easier to see than many of the other lights I have tested.

Lupine Pilo Quick MountThe light comes with a quick mount system.  Each quick mount comes with 2 rubber O-rings for specify designed for Regular (25.4mm) or Oversized (31.8mm)  bars.  Depending on the size of the bar being mounted, one of the two rings should work.  Lupine has also created a tools free mount that uses an adjuster knob which can be tightened or loosened with your hands.  Both mounting systems use the same rubber O-rings for attachment purposes. piko quickTo me, the O-ring is the only real drawback to the mounting system.  While elegant in design, I somehow think the O-rings really don’t lock down the light to a handlebar as well as other systems I have tested.    Lupine also created the Piko Quick-Release CNC-Machined Handlebar Mount.  This new design has all the features I would want and looks a little more hard core.  Still I wish Lupine could come up with a solution similar to what is employed on the Exposure Strada.

The Lupine Piko TL Max retails for $399, putting it on the high end for a cycling light.  That said, the light is one of the highest powered self contained units on the market today and is certainly quality all the way.

Here is a quick rundown

  • Dual lens array, beam angle 22°
  • 750 Lumens
  • 49 x 110 mm (diameter x length)
  • CNC-milled, aluminum, shot-peened, black, matt black front ring
  • Weight including battery: 180g
  • Up to 2 h and 750 Lumens at 10 Watt
  • Up to 3 h and 470 Lumens at 6 Watt
  • Up to 5:30 h and 300 Lumens at 3.5 Watt

To Find out more about the Lupine Piko TL Max and other lights made by Lupine check out their website.


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