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Urban 500 – A Great Cycling Light

The Urban 500 ( is a beautifully designed light in which form meets function in a small and powerful package. At 113 grams, the Urban 500 delivers more lumens for longer than any other light in its class.  With amber side emitters– Light & Motion continues as the only bike-light manufacturer to provide cyclists with 180 degrees of visibility at intersections where over 70% of bike accidents occur.

The Urban 500 uses a USB connector to power the rechargeable single cell Li-ion battery.  This means almost any computer can be used to power the light via the USB port.  Light & Motion also has an optional USB charger that can be purchased separately.

The Urban 500 has 4 setting modes, which can be cycle through for the various beam options (High, Medium, Low, & Flash).  To turn the unit off, simply press and hold the on/off switch for 2 seconds.

As mentioned above, the urban 500 also comes equipped with amber side emitters.  The inclusion of these lights certainly makes cycling more safe, this gives early warning to drivers coming from side streets.

My Experience with the unit thus far is more than positive.  The light attaches easily to almost any handlebar and removal is a snap.  Since no tools are required and there is no assembly, mounting the light to what ever bike you own is easy and quick.  I will add a word of caution.  If you are in an area of high theft, the light is an easy target and is best taken off when not in use.

The Urban 500 is also an all-in-one system, which essentially means there are no external batteries or cables.  This is really welcome news for those who have older setups.  No more having to lug around a water bottle size battery or messing with wires/cables.

Estimated Urban 500 Run Times

  • High- 1:30
  • Med- 3:00
  • Low- 6:00
  • Flash- 18:00

The Light & Motion Urban 500 retails for $159, which is a great price for a 500 Lumen light.  You can check out the latest scoop on the Urban 500 at (


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