Leki Speedlock Carbon Ti Trekking Pole Review


Today we have another amazing trekking pole by Leki called the SpeedLock Carbon Ti. Of all the trekking poles tested so far, the SpeedLock Carbon Ti is my favorite. It has the right amount of what one expects in a quality pole without compromising. It offers weight savings, strength and comfort all wrapped up in a outstanding looking package.

Leki Carbon Ti Trekking pole

Leki SpeedLock Carbon Ti – Overview

  • Material: High Tensile (HTS) 6.5 Series Aluminum upper shaft
  • Material: 100% High Modulus (HM) Carbon lower shafts
  • AERGON Thermo Grip
  • Air-textured strap wicks and dries quickly
  • SpeedLock 2 adjustment system
  • Performance Basket
  • Carbide Tip
  • Matte Lacquer Finish
  • Weight: 14.9 oz per pair
  • Length: Collapsed – 67cm, Extended – 135cm
  • Sold as a pair
  • Retail – $199.95

Leki SpeedLock Carbon Ti – Key Features

  • Number of Sections: 3
  • Shock Absorption: No
  • Adjustment System: SpeedLock levers
  • Grip Material : Aergon Thermo Long (Foam)
  • Weight: 14.9 oz (476 g) – per pair
  • Upper Shaft:High Tensile (HT) Aluminium 6.5 top section
  • Lower Shaft material: 100% High Modulus (HM) Carbon
  • Length: Collapsed – 67cm, Extended – 135cm
  • Tip: Carbide Flextip + interchangeable basket system.
  • Strap: Leki Safety System
  • Color: Carbon/White/Red graphic

Before we get all crazy about the poles, I want to give you a peak inside the Leki production facility.  After seeing the video it will give you a great appreciation for their product and how environmentally friendly the company is.

I would like to give a big shout out to Leki for allowing us to test and showcase these poles.

When the poles arrived they came with an instruction manual, durable carbide tips and plastic tip protectors. What they don’t come with are the Leki rubberized walking tips or rubber tip protectors. We highly advise purchasing these for walking on roads and for trails that you don’t want to tear up.

Leki Carbon Ti Trekking Poles Everything

Leki Carbon Ti Trekking Poles Tips

Each pole has 2 adjustment levers known as Leki’s SpeedLocks.  The SpeedLock flips open to allow the user to size the poles accordingly.  We loved how easy the Speed Lock is, just flip it up, adjust pole height and flip it back down.  Each pole can be adjusted from 67cm to 135cm.  Now of course most trekkers will have their poles set somewhere between 100cm to 135cm.  Each section below the SpeedLocks have length indicators showing the lengths from 100cm to 135cm.  To set the desired length you simple flip the speedLock to the open position and slide the pole to the appropriate length.  I am 5’9″ish and I find that a setting of 120cm feels pretty comfortable.

SpeedLock is Leki’s completely new system using unique design features to achieve the high locking force and adjustment security that is up to 10 times stronger than most other external locks.

An inntegrated stainless steel pressure plate allows the red locking lever to apply a vice-like grip on the shaft section to be locked.  The fiberglass reinforced polyamide lock mechanism resists stretching unlike many other external locks, so SpeedLock poles can be shipped and stored in the locked position without reducing the strength or integrity of the locking strength.

Leki Micro Vario Trekking Poles Adjustment knob

On the backside of the SpeedLock is a Speed Dial (tension screw).  The Speed Dial allows you to set your preferred tension for locking and unlocking the SpeedLocks.  The factory settings on these

Leki Carbon Ti Trekking Poles Graphics

Leki uses great graphics to really make their poles standout.

To give you an idea of some of the terrain WE were forced to test in, eat your hearts out.  Testing the Leki poles gave us a fantastic excuse to find some of the most amazing trails in Austin, Texas.  From high above Lake Travis to fast running streams in the middle of nowhere with rock formations jetting skyward to a relaxing time just chilling out.  Trekking is all about adventure and with Leki poles you never know where the trail is going to take you.

Butterfly Trekking

Scott T2 Kinabalu 3.0 Tom Crandall 2

Kathleen Crandall And Leki Macro Vario

after knee surgery instead of walkers, after of course a week or two with a regular walker.

Overall Impression

These are my favorite trekking poles tested to date.  They do everything I want them to do and do it in style.  Thanks to Leki’s SpeedLock adjustment system, the Carbon Ti is a snap to adjust.

The combination of High Tensile (HTS) 6.5 Series Aluminum in the upper shaft with High Modulus (HM) Carbon lower shafts make the poles super durable and light.

The extended Thermo grip makes adjusting hand positions quick and easy by simply shifting hand positions.

Kathleen and I both agreed that the Air-textured straps simply are the best we have ever used and the adjustment system worked flawlessly.

The only downside to these poles is they require a bit more stowage lengthwise.   We found that the poles would not fit inside our daypacks, so we ended up placing them on the sides.  For those looking for a pole that will fit inside a pack, the Leki’s Micro Vario trekking poles might offer a better solution.

Be sure to check out Leki’s website for more information on the Leki SpeedLock Carbon Ti.

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