Komperdell Nordic Walking Pole Review


komperdell_blue_green LogoToday we present the Komperdell Nordic Walking Pole lineup.  Recently we reached out to Komperdell to see what their Nordic Walking pole offerings were.  In quick fashion Johnny Wirth who is Sales Manager North America sent us out 2 sets of Komperdell Nordic Walking Poles known as the Komperdell Carbon Vario and the Komperdell Traveler.  Both poles are adjustable and have both carbon and aluminum pole sections.


1922 Komperdell 1922Komperdell was founded in 1922 in Vienna Austria.  Back then the company manufactured Hiking, Walking and Billiard Poles made from hazelnut wood. By 1928 the company had 50 employees and was on it’s way to becoming a fast growing producer of ski poles.  From the hazel-nut and bamboo poles of the 30-ies, the stainless-steel tube of the 50-ies, the high density aluminum poles of the 70-ies and 80-ies to the new materials like Titanal.HF and the light and break proof carbon tube of today, Komperdell has always shrived to innovate in pole design and manufacturing.

Fast forward close to 100 years and Komperdell is still going strong manufacturing trekking, Nordic walking and skiing poles as well as other accessories to go with those sports.
Komperdell Nordic Walking Poles


Quality made in Austria is not just a slogan, it’s a commitment and Komperdell’s 3-year free of charge repair service is one of a kind. No matter what or how it happened, Komperdell will repair their telescopic poles free of charge. No questions asked and no receipt necessary – their brand name is their commitment!

Komperdell Carbon Traveler Nordic Walking Poles

Komperdell Carbon Traveler Nordic Walking Pole The Komperdell Carbon Traveler Nordic Walking Pole is a 3 section compact pole that utilizes Komperdell’s Power Lock 2.0 locking mechanism.  The pole contains 2 upper carbon sections and a lower aluminum section.  The lower aluminum section is great a protecting the pole against dings that occur while walking more technical terrain.

  • sizes: packed size: 57 cm, max. length: 120 cm
  • Nordic Walking comfort strap CLICK-IN
  • Nordic foam grip CLICK-IN
  • 3-section:
  • Upper section: Carbon 16 mm
  • Middle section: Carbon 14 mm
  • Lower section: alu/alloy 12 mm
  • Power Lock 2.0 mechanism
  • Nordic Walking all season tip
  • Nordic Walking grip pad

In testing, we felt the Power Locks worked extremely well and were our favorite thumb locks used.  While not as stylish as LEKI’s Speedlock, they seemed a bit easier to open and close.  Komperdell has introduced a more stylish Power Lock 3.0 system, but this system hasn’t made it to the Nordic Walking line.  Look for the new Power Lock 3.0 system to be integrated in 2016.Komperdell Power Lock 2.0

Komperdell Power Lock 2.0 and Power Lock 3.0

Komperdell uses what it refers to as the CLICK-IN strap system and as far as I know this type of system is unique to Komperdell.  To release, just pull up on the strap located at the top of the pole and pull the hand strap away from the pole.  To engage the CLICK-IN, simply push the shim into the shim slot and push down on the strap located at the top of the pole.  The shim contains a small hole and when you push down on the strap, a pin is inserted into the hole locking the hand strap in place.

We found the CLICK-IN mechanism very easy to use and understand.  While many competitors use a push button method to release the hand strap, Komperdell’s solution worked equally well.

Komperdell Click-In strap system

The Komperdell wrist straps are made from synthetic materials and contain a Velco closure system.  They also are the only ones tested that have an additional adjustment strap, allowing adjustment between the forefinger and thumb.  While some might say the 2nd adjustment strap is necessary, we didn’t feel it added any advantage over the other wrist straps tested.

The wrist straps are easy to put on and take off and are secure when walking.  If we were using winter gloves, their more roomier fit would be advantage.

Where the wrist straps fall a little short is on aesthetics.  There is no “R” or “L” indicator on the outside of the strap like on the Leki and Fizan for Left or Right.  The indicators are on the inside of the strap and are much harder to see.  The gloves also don’t pop graphic wise.  Fizan and Leki make it a point to use bright colors, additional stitching and cool graphic combinations, making the wrist straps more appealing to wear.

Gabel Fizan Leki Gabel Wrist Strap Nordic Walking Poles

Both the Komperdell Traveler and Carbon Vario come standard with a foam CLICK-IN grip.  We found the grip to be super comfortable, but would have loved to compare it to Komperdell’s Nordic XC Race injected cork grips.

Komperdell Foam Grip Traveler Handle

Komperdell Nordic XC injected cork grip

Komperdell Carbon Vario Nordic Walking Poles

Komperdell NW Carbon Vario II Nordic Walking Pole

The Carbon Vario is a two section pole that also utilizes Komperdell’s Power Lock 2.0 locking mechanism.  The pole contains 1 upper aluminum section and a lower carbon section.

  • sizes: packed size: 107 cm max. length: 125 cm
  • Nordic Walking comfort strap CLICK-IN
  • Nordic foam grip CLICK-IN
  • upper section: alu/alloy 14 mm
  • lower section: carbon 16 mm
  • POWER LOCK II system
  • Nordic Walking All Season tip
  • Nordic Walking grip pad

Overall Impression

Both the Komperdell Carbon Vario and the Traveler performed equally well during our testing.  Both have the same micro baskets and slanted carbide tips and work extremely well off road.  The poles came with Komperdell’s all season rubber walking tips.  We found them good in both wet and dry conditions.

For those who are looking for a packable set of poles the Traveler is definitely a great choice.  For those that need a little extra pole length, the Vario with it’s 125cm vs 120cm is a better option.

We feel Komperdell can up their game by making slight modifications to the wrist strap, like adding hand indicators on the outside of the straps rather than on the inside.  Additional things like adding more graphics and colors would be welcome.

We would also like to see a cork version of the handles carried over from the Komperdell Nordic XC line.

Check out Komperdell’s Website for both Trekking and Nordic Walking.


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